Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mental Description

In this second part of this assignment - I was to take the same child and get inside their head. Which is intimidating as a 30 year old to try to think like a 5 year old... but I apparently nailed it.
I shared these stories with Taylor's Mom yesterday, and she liked them both - as she was reading the physical description... she looked up and said "I remember this day," which made me smile because I remember it vividly too.

This is the photo that I used for inspiration for this story...

I am so excited today because my baby sister is going to be born. My Mommy made me go to school for part of the day, and we learned some more counting- who cares about counting?

“Mrs. Adams, what time is it?” I asked.

“It’s 11:00, Taylor, why do you ask?” Mrs. Adams said.

“My PawPaw is picking me up at 11:30 to go meet my BABY SISTER!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, okay. Well, when we get finished with story time it will be 11:30,” Mrs. Adams said.

Our story today was about a gardening duck, and I was not interested. I sat in the circle quietly, but did not hear a word that Mrs. Adams was reading.

At 11:30 PawPaw came to my class to pick me up, and off we went to meet my new sister.

“Has Brooklyn been born yet?” I asked PawPaw.

“Yes, Baby she was born a couple of hours ago,” PawPaw said.

“Wow, I can’t wait to play with her,” I said.

“Well, lets just go meet her and worry about playing later,” PawPaw said.

When we got to the hospital, I remember walking for what seemed like a week. There must have been a million different hallways, and I thought that we’d never find Mommy and Brooklyn. While we were walking, we passed a big window that looked into a room full of babies, but Brooklyn was not in there. Two more hallways and we were there. PawPaw opened the door, and there was Mommy sitting in bed with Brooklyn in her arms.

I was so excited! I ran up to the bed and jumped in next to Mommy. I got in trouble for not being careful around the baby. My Aunt was there taking pictures, and I got to sit in a chair and hold Brooklyn for a picture. She is very little and doesn’t do much other than cry, sleep, and have diaper changes. I wanted to help with all of it, but all I was allowed to do was sit on the bed and watch.

I hope that Brooklyn will be able to play with me soon because right now having a little sister is boring!

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