Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Motivated

Susan and I were lacking in the motivation department today - which I think was started by my poor start to the day. I woke up fairly tired today, and my stomach (gallbladder) was bothering me from the very start of the day... which is a new occurrence. My plan was to leave for Susan's by 7:30 this morning, but I didn't actually get off until 8:15 or so. Not a good start to our day...

I did manage to show up at her house by 9:15 with Starbucks in hand... so we had our coffee and chatted for a while. We did get started by getting the shredder rolling, but after a while the machine got hot - and even though it shreds credit cards, we managed to get one stuck. So, I had to do some minor repairs and get the machine cleared out. So while we waited for it to cool off - we did some more chatting. (You catching the theme of the day?) Really by the time the shredder got hot - it was time for Brooklyn to take a nap - so we were doing our best to keep quiet for her.

When she woke up - we took her into Susan's room and I played with her while Susan got some clothes sorted and folded... we didn't get much work done in terms of sorting through her clothes like we'd planned, but when I left - her room looked a lot more organized than when I got there... so really her closet is the last major battle for her to mount before school starts... unless you count keeping everything organized. HA!

By the time we got that done, it was time for Brooklyn's next nap - which did last a bit longer... so we of course did some more chatting in order to keep quiet for her to get some sleep. She's fighting off a cold - so we tried to do our best to let her get as much sleep as possible. By about 2:30 - I really made some progress with the shredding (it had to be done in small batches in order to not burn up the machine), and got the area in Susan's breakfast room all cleaned up...

I left her with some filing to get done, but overall - I think we did a good job. I think she needs to come down here one day next week and help me get some things organized as well... but we'll see what happens - because I've got Monday pretty much booked, and I pray that my principal friend will find some time to meet with me on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I certainly would love for her to come hang out with me one day though!! We've REALLY had a great time this week. (or I have... I hope she has too!)

I got home at about the same time John did from work, and I'm completely exhausted! I did manage to cook dinner, but seriously - the word of the day for tomorrow is NAP!

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