Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I spent the day today with my sister-in-law, Susan. I also got to hang out with Brooklyn and her big sister Taylor as well. I really enjoyed the day, and we did get quite a bit done at Susan's house.

Brooklyn's room was our focus - we packed up all her clothes that don't fit her anymore, and I organized her closet into the various sizes of clothes that she still can wear... We picked up all her toys and a few other things that had been stacked in her room... and her room is now clean!!

Susan has been systematically working through her house to do a "spring cleaning" of sorts, and it's so funny because we ended up with two bags of trash just from Brooklyn's room... now we've got to work on a corner of her house where all her filing and stuff is... and finally her bedroom.

Susan wants to have a garage sale, so we're also going to go through her clothes for that as well. She's so funny because she absolutely wouldn't throw anything away if I didn't tell her to... it's like it would just move from room to room otherwise. So, I sort of took over and threw a bunch of stuff out. Poor Susan felt like she was losing lots of valuable stuff, but in the end I convinced her that it was the best thing to do.

I need to do some similar stuff around my own house... but I'm going to buy a shredder to get rid of the things that I have. (We didn't throw anything away at Susan's that should have been shredded either.) So I think maybe on my way back from my interview tomorrow - I might pop buy Office Depot and pick up a shredder. I'll work on getting my stuff done tomorrow afternoon, and then take it with me next time I go to Susan's so we can shred her useless bills and old paperwork that she doesn't need anymore.

Does anyone know why it is that you can go to someone else's house and be WAY more productive than you can be in your own house?! I feel like I did more at her house today than I've done in a while at my place... but there again - I don't have to keep up with kiddos and all the changing clothing sizes or any of that stuff yet. I did lovingly pack away Brooklyn's things in the hope that we'd be borrowing it in the next year or so... I need to find a close friend that I can latch on to with a young boy too - so that we'll have some good hand-me-downs either way! Almost everyone I know has a girl... it's strange how that works.

I also offered to help Susan with some stuff for her classroom while I'm recovering from my gallbladder surgery - I've got my nifty scrapbooking machine that cuts out letters and shapes - and we can make some really cute things by using it. I helped her a couple of years ago, and spent over a week designing things on the computer, cutting them out, laminating them, cutting them out again, and then hanging them in her classroom... it's sick how much fun I had too! If she was closer - I'd do it all again... Last year I did help my friend Sarah with some things for her classroom, but it wasn't quite as involved.

I had to fax the list of surgeons on my insurance plan to my doctor's office today because when they called with some more recommendations - they weren't on my plan either. This stinks because I feel like I'm getting a second rate doctor this way... like I'm only able to use the doctors that were in the bottom of their medical school class... I know it's not the case, but it just feels like it because I can't use the people that I want to. I just hope that we'll figure something out tomorrow so that I can get it scheduled - I need to get it taken care of before I start working again, and if the interview tomorrow goes well - I'll need to have a date for them when they call. I think I could probably tell them yes, but I need a couple of days to get the surgery scheduled before we figure out the start date - I'd just hate to put them off to long. Naturally, I don't want to prolong the pain anymore than I have to either! (Of course in the meantime - I'll be praying for those principals to call!!)


  1. HMOs are the worst. I have one but have lucked out with my surgeon, etc, as everyone was on the list. But the referrals and all...blah. Though all this conversation just reminded me that I need to call to get a referral for my three month check up on Monday! Ack!

  2. You just need to keep the faith that God will make sure you are taken care of adequately. I was even a little leery about Dr. B, because I had not heard about him. What about the Dr. Davis' I had called them before I had Bonner's info and G. Davis said he would take me.

  3. My cleaning method = throw everything away! Why organize a bunch of crap that never gets used anyway?? :)


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