Friday, August 1, 2008


It seems that I've overdone it today - I'm flat exhausted, and have had a rough day overall. I started off having some weird dizzy spells or not even really dizzy - I don't know how to describe it. I felt like I was going to pass out - so I layed on the couch for a little bit. John gave me a protein bar which seemed to help a little bit.

Susan brought the girls over today with John's Dad, and we let Taylor play with the Wii Fit. John's Dad got into it as well, which was pretty funny watching a 70 year old man (almost 70 at least) hula hooping... and all... very entertaining!

We then set up a photo shoot of the girls - which was fun, but I think put me over the top on being exhausted. I must have taken 500 shots (literally) and got some really cute ones... I'll go through them tomorrow and put up some of the better ones.

After all of that fun, Susan discovered that we have the original Mario Brothers and stuff on the Wii - so she wanted to play. I think she'll be back next week to play some more...

I called the lady at the Drug center today, and didn't get a call back. She emailed me right before I went in to surgery asking me to call her today - but that she'd be out of the office yesterday... so I think she must have gotten caught up in whatever she was doing. So maybe I'll hear from her on Monday.

I've got big plans to bring back one of my old blogs with a new plan and purpose coming up pretty soon... I'd thought I'd get it done today, but I'm suffering from some sort of protein low and severe sleepiness... so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

John also called my surgeon's office, and we got a refill on my pain medicine - the pain has been really intense - much more than I remember with the bypass... maybe I've already told you that, but I'm actually really surprised about it.

I've got 5 incisions this time in different places than before, and one of them is actually in my belly button - and it's the one giving me the most trouble... but all of them are really stiff and painful when I move around. I've had to take a hot shower to get myself moving the last two days... just to get my muscles loose enough to walk to the couch. I've also used a heating pad to keep my neck pain at bay - the right side of my neck seems to be really sore as well.

Anyway, the surgeon went head and refilled it for me to use over the weekend if needed... so I'll probably send John over tomorrow to pick that up for me. I think tomorrow we'll just take it easy - we got dinner from another family from the church for tonight - so we have absolutely no need to cook anything, so we'll more than likely just snuggle in and watch some movies tomorrow so that I can rest and get some strength back.


  1. I'm sorry it's so painful. So you've now got like ten little one-inch incisions on your belly? one more thing for me to look forward to!

  2. You poor thing. Take it easy today and rest, rest, rest!


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