Monday, August 11, 2008

People are Mean

After finally pushing the lady at the drug place - with the threat of a competing offer coming in... (we were getting desperate to find out from these people!!) I found out this morning that I didn't get that job. I was/am a little miffed at the fact that they strung me along for two weeks, but I guess this isn't the place that God wants me to be right now.

I've spent the entire day (short of a workout and a shower) looking for a job, and have some promising leads. I have an interview with a local law school for an executive secretary/coordinator position - they were already starting interviews - so I got in on this one just under the wire. On Thursday, I've got another interview for an Assistant Director position for a community service organization. The second possibility is more interesting to me, and I know that their salary range is right up my alley. When the lady called she sounded very excited to meet me and said that she was impressed with my resume... so we'll say a prayer for these two possibilities... and as always - we're praying that God puts me where he needs me to be, while hopefully providing for a better work environment too.

Among all the fun looking for jobs to apply for - I also applied for unemployment. Which was very humiliating to me, but a necessary evil for us right now. I guess I just got caught in the feelings of my own politics and my thoughts that I'd never be dependent on anything like that. To tell you the truth - we really aren't in a position that is that bad, but even a little money coming in right now helps keep us from having to spend all of our savings. Of course I'm not eligible for my first payment until like August 27th or something... so maybe I'll have a job by then.

In other news, we are on day 4 of my workout/eat right plan... and things are still going well. I was a little frustrated today because I worked out really hard on our stationary bike... and while my heart rate stayed within the range that it needed to be for 30 minutes... I only managed to burn 380 calories. I'm not sure what that means, but I'll try something else tomorrow. I thought I was going to die on our bike... I mean I've never sweat like that in my life... and I was absolutely winded, but still ONLY 380 calories!! Tomorrow - I'll go back to the Wii Fit and see how my calves can hang in there... I can still barely walk!

I guess on the bright side of this whole job mess is that I've got a little while longer to get in a groove with the workouts, right?


  1. Absolutely right! Still praying for you on the job front! I know the right job will turn up at the right time!

  2. Working out isn't just about calories, Kim. There is so much more to it. You're building muscle and giving yourself a healthier heart too! Don't let yourself get discouraged, you're doing great!!

    We're praying for you on the job front, something will turn up. Would you be interested in teaching preschool until you can find a public school job?

  3. Good luck with your interviews - you'll end up where you belong I'm sure!

    As far as the calories go - you're being too hard on yourself. 380 is actually a lot for 30 minutes.. AND, you keep burning calories even after you get off of the bike.


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