Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roller Coaster

Every step of this job searching process is one giant emotional roller coaster! I swear!! The immediate need for the 1st grade teacher didn't pan out - apparently they filled the position earlier this week. ARG! In the process though they did want to offer me a job as an assistant teacher, but I really can't afford that much of a pay cut... so I'll have to turn that down.

They also told me about another school that might be in need of two teachers, so I emailed that principal tonight... we'll see. I'm honestly trying my best not to let these leads get the best of me, but last night proved that I'm just not that strong. My mind kept going and going for hours with the possibilities of teaching. (I might have to take something just to sleep without my brain doing this again tonight.)

The interview today went great though - the lady was amazing, and the position isn't exactly the one I applied for. She brought me in to talk to me about another position she's creating that would be perfect for me... and would lead eventually to me having a staff of people to manage. It sounds amazing, but as with everything else - there is a catch right now. They are only beginning to create the position and she doesn't know if they're 30 days away from hiring or 60... and naturally I can't wait 60 days.

So she was going to go back and call her boss and see what we can work out on this because she absolutely wants me in the job. She asked that I not take any job offers without talking to her first - which I've been down this road before - so we'll see how that works out.

In the meantime - I've got a second interview on Monday with the Law School, an interview with a Medical School on Monday, and another one with a home/park restoration organization on Tuesday. Things are absolutely crazy right now, but I'm putting my faith in God to lead me in the right direction each step of the way. I'm absolutely going to need his guidance if they all come in at the same time with several different offers.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of my job search...

I didn't do a formal workout today - I jogged and did some step while watching a movie this morning for about 35 minutes or so - burned about 300 calories, and proved my theory that I can't workout and watch television at the same time. I get WAY to bored during the commercials... I need the structure of watching the Wii Fit time me and push me to beat my personal best scores each time I do something. So tomorrow we'll be back to the formal Wii Fit program.

I'm currently debating on if I'll take this Sunday off from working out and give myself a day of rest... it's going to be a tight day with church and our small group meeting... so I'll keep thinking about it and decide what I'm going to do between now and then.


  1. Kim, if this whole experience tells us anything... it's that you have an EXCELLENT RESUME! I've never seen one person land so many interviews in such a short time span!!

  2. I agree your resume must be amazing. Don't worry something you love will come along if not then at least something to get you a paycheck until the dream job comes.


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