Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Back on Track

I started my road to getting back on track this morning - I took all my vitamins this morning... it's a baby step, but hey - I'm trying.

John and I have been going back and forth starting to plan our menu for next week - so that when I go to the store this weekend... I'll have a plan. No detours for me into the sugary snacks aisle... although they do disperse them throughout the whole store - don't they?

After I get that planned - I will start working on getting my workout plan together... I'm hoping that I can hit the ground running on Monday. I don't know exactly what my workouts will look like at first, but I do know that if I stick with it things will progress quickly.

Things at work are going really well, and the new schedule is AMAZING!

I think that for about the last month - I've been circling around a crazy mood - and of course my life got a bit crazy with starting a new job and then Ike came to town... but now I'm going to try my best to get into a routine that I can live with and learn from.

Hopefully, in a week or two - we'll all see some good changes both in my weight loss ticker but also emotionally.

Grey's Anatomy is back tonight - so I've got to get myself ready to enjoy some entertaining television... Seriously!

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