Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready & Waiting

We've completed our preparations for the storm at this point, and I've taken some pictures to share with everyone. Right about now we're doing a lot of what you'll see in this first picture - watching the news... the storm hasn't even started to come in yet, but Galveston Island is already flooded - so this could be a long couple of days.

Missy is sitting with John - she's been very clingy... so I'm sure she won't get too far from either of us. She is afraid of storms to begin with - so a prolonged storm will mean lots of cuddling and shaking!

A closer view of Missy sitting with John, and of course Maggie's tail is in the way here.

Our patio furniture is all wired together and then strapped to the porch. The cushions are all in my breakfast's a new look for September in Houston decorators!

The grill is strapped down as well... at least until we need it for cooking.

Maggie is sitting watching toward the coast in this shot - waiting for Ike to come in...

The girls are playing here - burning up some energy before we get stuck in the house.

Still playing here - and probably hoping that they don't have to potty in a flooded yard - like during Alison!

Here is a shot looking into our garage... and yes - that's a tree!

Our new tree - we bought this on Monday to replace the one that died, but didn't get it planted because of my interview at the school - so it's laying in the garage for now.

Our neighbor across the street is boarding up, and I thought I'd take a picture of that. They don't really have any cover over their windows to block the rain - we have porches covering almost all of ours.

I'll post more as things progress - I'll take as many pictures as I can of the sky and anything else that we see... I'll be sure to stay safe - so no one think that I'll be out there like a crazy reporter or anything!


  1. Yes, do NOT go out there like a crazy reporter or one of those storm-chasers!!! I'll keep checking your blog....

  2. I am thinking of you and hope you are safe. I am so glad you left the grill out you might need it. I can't believe you didn't buy any meat. lol


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