Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Feature

If you're getting an email invitation to read this blog - start here and work your way forward.

I decided that it was time to bring this blog into the next century - or maybe myself... and I know a few of my readers haven't embraced the idea of Google Reader... so if that isn't your thing, and you'd like to get daily update emails with new posts - I've got the answer for you!

In the top right corner of the page there is a place for you to submit your email address, and through a lovely program called Feedburner - you will be sent an email each morning with my new posts.

The email will include anything that I've posted since the previous email - so it will catch everything. I hope that this helps some of you find a convenient way to keep up with how things are going with me, and anything else I might be talking about.

I've added the same feature to Kim's Cuisine so you can get the same emails with new recipes that have been added over there. If anyone hasn't been checking that out - there are lots of fun Halloween things being posted!

I'll check back in later with some information about workouts and daily reports on food intake... things of that nature. I've sent an email to my resident personal trainer buddy with some questions that I've had about my food intake versus calorie burn - so I'll try to share her insight when I get it.

You'll also notice that I moved my weight loss ticker, and wrote a real live description of the blog... if there is something I missed in my description - please let me know. (as long as it's nice!)

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