Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

Here are just a few things popping around my head right now.

Is it possible for your hair to be cold?
I am so cold natured these days that I’d swear that even my hair follicles are cold. Just this morning, John found it hilariously funny that just to open the back door for the dogs to go outside – I had to have a leather coat on AND a blanket wrapped around my legs… and it was only 40 degrees!

On this note as well, can I just do a blanket apology to all of the people out there that I used to roll my eyes at… until I started losing weight after my surgery – I thought you all were a bunch of wimps when you complained about feeling cold? I 100% get it now, and I’m so sorry… it is real and miserable to deal with.

My parents used to get so frustrated with me for say the first 29 years of my life when I’d never wear a coat… that shouldn’t be a problem, EVER again!

Is it possible to drink too much water?
I might make it to like 12 glasses or something today, and that just seems wrong. It’s contributing to the above problem with feeling indescribably cold, AND I’ve got this weird sort of drunk feeling right now.

Okay to that end, it’s been MANY years since I’ve had an adult beverage – but I can’t describe this slightly dizzy, slightly altered depth-perception feeling any other way at the moment.

Is it possible to work with people that pass too much of the “blame” to others?
Wait, this one I know… I’d have to say a resounding yes, but maybe others would categorize it differently.

Seriously, is it too much to ask for someone to take responsibility for their portion of a project? Why should it be my problem to follow up with you about something that you are supposed to be doing?

I’ve been told several times now that I should be following up with people about this project or another, but honestly if the deadline is yours… why wouldn’t you do your part to make it happen – how is that my problem? You want letters to go out by Tuesday at 10 – no problem – but shouldn’t you make it a priority to sign them by then? I’ll do my part to get them to you in a timely fashion, but work with me here.

I just wish that people would take responsibility for their actions once in a while, and don’t make everything someone else’s problem. If I’ve been asked to do something – I know that it’s expected of me to complete my project by the deadline… if I’ve had to give someone their part of said project, and they don’t respond to me by the deadline – a certain part of the “blame” is on them too.

Is it possible for me to be anymore excited to meet with my personal trainer friend (Vicki) on Saturday?
I don’t think so. I’ve already warned her that I’m going to take notes on everything she says to pass on to my internets. She fully expected that, but I can’t wait to hear some of her information and try something new – of course I’m going to see how things go and double check things with my doctor when I see him on December 4th for my 1 year surgery follow-up visit… but nothing can possibly hurt at this point – my weight loss can’t GET any SLOWER!

When do you know if you are getting any benefit from vitamin B12?
I’m seriously thinking about asking to be put on the shots when I see my doctor in December, because I don’t think these little tablets are helping one bit. I guess we’ll see what my vitamin levels are at that point, but seriously, could it hurt?

I think these are the top items rolling around in my head right now – at least items that I’m willing to share with ya’ll right now. I’m forming my list of questions for my doctor’s appointment, and trying to figure out what things I can try to do right now to maximize my weight loss between now and then. I’d love to be closer to 100 pounds lost… my appointment is about 20 days past my actual 1 year anniversary… so we’ll see.

I'll be back later with some stats, and a tribute to some very special people out there.

(I'm totally cracking up right now because I spell checked this before posting, and obviously Blogger doesn't like contractions!)