Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Night Frenzy

Tonight is our second small group meeting, and I've now rushed around to get the house presentable for company again... and dinner is heating in the oven... so I thought I'd sit down and write my post for today.

I might not get another chance because the likelihood of me wanting to write at 9 tonight is not great - I'm going to want to put my feet up and watch Grey's Anatomy or something other than break out the computer. Sorry guys - I love you, but I'm just keeping it real.

I'm sort of worried about dinner because it's still frozen in the middle after baking for a hour - I meant to pull it out of the freezer on Tuesday night, but forgot about it until last night... so I'm working with a handicap. (my brain) Hopefully it'll come together - or we'll be having our Bible study before we eat.

I'm so proud of John - he's really doing a lot of prep work for each meeting, and is doing a great job at leading our group. I hope that everyone in the group gets a lot out of the study - it's a 6 week study about the Love Chapter from the Bible... we watched the first session on Sunday so he could prepare, and it was really good!

I'll be back tomorrow with more...

As an update on my regimen:
Water - check (and then some!)
Food Diary - check
Workouts - check (3 already for the week - plan on more)
Vitamins - check

So I'm feeling pretty good about things this week - we'll see what happens on the weigh in... I'd be happy even if I just lost those mysterious couple of pounds that showed back up earlier this week - I don't know where those keep coming from! ARG! I'm so ready to kiss the 230's goodbye forever!

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