Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi there my lovely internets! Another weekend as come and gone...already?! We've had a truly blissful weekend... yesterday with friends, and today relaxing and enjoying life.

We started our day at church which is always such a welcoming place - I can't say that I jumped out of bed this morning ready to go, but I was so glad that I did. I love the people at our church, and thank God for leading us to a place where we fit in so well.

Our church is doing a service project next week going to pick up debris from the hurricane that is still sitting in people's front yards. The city hasn't gotten around to everyone yet, so we're going to go out and fill a need in our community while we share God's love too.

After church we made a run to John's favorite store - Lowe's - to get some things we needed for the house. He put a dimmer in on our fan in the family room, and set up an automatic sprinkler for the front yard... and we got a new filter for our air system. We only have to change our air filter (there is only 1 for the whole house) every 6 months...

This project required me to face one of my fears... the attic. Now, I'm not so much afraid of the attic because of it being a creepy scary place... but more a fear of my clumsiness in combination with the ability to fall to a very painful thud. Well, the filter got changed this evening. I survived, and all is well.

John also cooked an AMAZING pork tenderloin in the crock-pot today as well... go here for pictures and the recipe. I'm telling ya'll this one is fabulous! I hit the jackpot on the husband market with his ability to cook, and find great new recipes on the internet.

In the meantime - all the laundry has been completed, a nap has been enjoyed, and I'm about to take off for a bath with this lovely product that I purchased yesterday...
Then off to bed... and the start of another week!

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  1. Is that from Bath and Body Works, Kim?? I was in there yesterday and thought I saw it but as I had never heard of it before, I didn't buy it!


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