Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's finally getting cold down here in the armpit of the world... only kidding, I really do love Texas, but we just don't have seasons down here... we have HOT, REALLY HOT, and winter lasts for about 4 weeks... which means that it's in the 50's and 60's for our daily high.

That being said - I am not as accommodating with the temperatures anymore... I get cold REALLY easily... and Missy does too. So this is how she spent most of the day today.

Oh, ya'll... she's a mess. She certainly feels pretty and extra spunky in her sweater... but I think she stayed toasty warm today too... and enjoyed a relaxing day at home with John and I.

Pretty much the only thing I've done other than read magazines, cook, blog, and watch football today was to go to the grocery store. I love days like this more than anything else... and today it was a much needed treat.

I talked to my friends at the pharmacy today as well - I used to be a frequent flyer there, and they've known me by name for several years... but I don't shop in the store anymore unless I need prescriptions - because I've been moved into shopping at Wal-Mart for our groceries ever since I got laid off in May. All that to say that the actual main pharmacist hasn't seen me since my surgery - and she was really excited to see me today.

I asked for her help on my allergy issues that have been hanging on for about a month... a box of Benadryl, a bottle of Children's Claritin, and some Day-Quil haven't done a thing for me... so she gave me something else to try. We talked a lot about the problems that those of us post Gastric Bypass face with medications not being absorbed in our systems if they are given in pill form...
I pray that this new medicine helps me so that I don't have the constant nagging cough and drainage that I've been dealing with lately.


  1. Hey, here's what works for me (I was the same as you).

    Children's liquid zyrtec for allergies and children's liquid sudafed for congestion. Both are a little challenging to find. The Children's Sudafed liquid is the one you have to sign for.

  2. Wow it's really getting cold down there. It's been in the forties here but no snow.......... yet!

  3. I love the sweater on yoru pup!

  4. I had a nice relaxing work day today, which I love too. Nothing major, errands and leaf raking.

    I am so jealous of your winter! I want 50s and 60s for fou weeks! It was in the low 30s all week last week and I have been freezing!

  5. Its been in the 60s in Florida for like two weeks now and I'm FROZEN. Can't feel my hands! :)


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