Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You know, I had a pretty powerful experience yesterday writing about all of the changes that have come into my life over the last year... and part of me wants to linger over those for another day...

It wasn't exactly my intention to post all of that for kudos from anyone - it was a way for me to process through the last year's worth of craziness.

This has been a very powerful year in my life, and I am honestly just starting to realize that it has been a year. You know how as you get older - the time passes so quickly, but at the same time it all blends together?

In so many ways it feels like I just had my weight loss surgery a month or so ago, but in reality it has been 363 days since that day. It has only begun to sink in... and I need a little time to get it all processed through the old thick skull that I've got on my shoulders.

It sometimes takes me a while to completely comprehend all the events of my life, and often enough I don't realize the benefits or lessons I'm learning until well after the time has past... so I'm taking an extra day to reflect on yesterday's post.

Sorry for the lack of interesting blog post tonight for those of you that already read the post, but for those of you that didn't - please go here.

Tomorrow, I hope to be able to post some information about some things I'm looking into doctor wise - and explain some things that I've dealt with in the past that doctors are now figuring out more and more about everyday. (This post is coming - but tomorrow is small group day... so if I don't get it done while I'm at work - it might be Friday before I get all my research together.)

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  1. Oooh, I'm really interested in what's coming for the doctor post... fertility stuff maybe?


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