Monday, November 10, 2008

Music Monday - Postponed

Well, I've done the impossible... or at least I've never heard of it... but I've WAY overdone it on my workout tonight. In the last two hours I've gone from being dizzy to nauseated to having chills... and finally on to a massive headache.

I worked out harder than I have been, but I really didn't know or expect this kind of reaction. It's never happened before. I have been laying on the couch and my favorite nurse is helping me as much as I'll let him.

I'm sipping tea, and have now been able to eat a few crackers. This stinks - I had some good stuff to talk about tonight! I guess I'll have to wait to be insightful tomorrow...

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  1. are you sure it was your work out that did sounds like something else might be going on...


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