Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Year

Well, this has been another CRAZY busy weekend, and well - when I wasn't running around... I was sleeping. Honestly - I've napped at least twice this weekend - as this cold crud is kicking my butt again. (Swell, just in time for a busy work week!)

So the official stats for the first year are:

87 pounds lost
29.4 points lost in my BMI ratio

10 inches lost in my chest
13.5 inches in my waist
10.5 inches in my hips
2.25 inches in my neck
5 inches in my left thigh
4.25 inches in my right thigh
3.5 inches in each of my calves
4.5 inches in each bicep
2 inches in each forearm
65.5 total inches over my entire body...

And without further delay - the visual images everyone has been waiting for...