Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures of Last Night

Thank God for fireplace smores...

One for me, one for John....
Thank God for cold puppies...

And Thank God for the most snow I've EVER seen in Houston...

Don't laugh... this truly is more snow than I've ever seen in my hometown, and we were on the lighter end of the storm - some people were actually able to build some snowmen... even if they were sort of sad looking.


  1. what a romantic moment!! what cracks me up is that you remembered to take pictures for your blog...LOL

  2. The s'mores look yummy (I have had a half one like that twice since surgery and man, it was best thing I had put in my mouth.

    And I wish that was the most snow I had ever seen in my hometown!

  3. girl that's awesome. Smores and snow!

  4. What is this thing you call snow? :)


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