Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am so incredibly ticked off tonight that I certainly will plan on keeping this short - because I have another date with some tension relieving bath salts again tonight...

So after what has been a great vacation - I've worked the last two days with the plan to take Friday off. I was told a while back that if the workload got really high for the end of the year - they might not be able to give me Friday off as planned.

The workload has been manageable, but guess what... I still don't get to take Friday off. I could have strangled my boss today when she sat there and told me that they needed me to come in because our goals for 2009 are so lofty that we need to get started working toward accomplishing them... excuse me!? Do they really think that ONE single Friday is going to make that much difference in the long run?!

It is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard - and well, I'm still pissed about the situation as a whole... you see - I asked for my vacation time over two months ago, and it was approved by my boss. Then a few weeks ago - I found out that my boss apparently doesn't have the authority to approve vacation requests... comical, no?

I don't know what exactly the power play is that happens to be going down between my boss and the VP - but I honestly don't even know who to turn in my vacation requests to anymore. It's one of those deals where if I talk to the VP directly - we move along just fine and most of the time the direction that we're moving in is very clear to me... BUT if the same conversation is filtered through my direct boss... it's an ENTIRELY different story. It's sort of like playing telephone at the office all day long...

It's incredibly frustrating... and given all the other craziness in my life - it's a major act of God's grace that I didn't lose it on this lady today when she "broke" the news... I did stand up for myself and told her that it was wrong to approve someone's time and then back out on it - I mean imagine if I had bought airplane tickets to go celebrate in Vegas or New York... I mean any number of things could have happened the minute my original request was approved!

It's really not the point that I'm really care about the day - it's the fact that these games of running around in circles are driving me crazy. It's like working in some sort of crazy camp for ADD patients!

Don't even get me started on all the paycheck problems either... I mean it's just been the last two that have been correct... since September! The payroll system is so messed up - and naturally they have ZERO training. One check I got docked a day because my boss accidentally forgot to check one box... and the next check, I didn't get at all because they changed the system and didn't tell anyone. (NICE!) So I had to wait until the next Monday (right before Thanksgiving) to get paid by a paper check instead of my normal direct deposit.... ooooh and can I just say that John was slightly upset over that situation! It's just a good thing that we have a buffer and an emergency fund... so it's not like our mortgage check bounced or anything - but seriously there have to be employees out there that a small oversight like that could do some serious damage to their bottom line having to wait extra days for their check.

The whole system has just been bizarre at every turn... and the paydays... we get paid on like the 7th and the 22nd or something strange like that - what is so hard about the 1st and the 15th?!

Ok... end rant... getting back in the tub... (I haven't started my resolutions yet - but I'll work on it tomorrow in between a grocery store run and furniture shopping) CALGON... take me away...

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  1. So... will you be looking for a teaching position for the fall again? :)


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