Monday, January 19, 2009

Will it Ring?

Will a watched phone ring if a watched pot won't boil? Call me crazy, but I just sincerely hope that I will get some sort of sense of relief when my doctor calls back. Even if the actual problem isn't resolved... just validate that something is strange here... and lets move on.

I talked to the lady in his office for a good while, and explained the situation... she asked if I'd tried stopping the medication. Ok, seriously... when have you ever had a doctor's office ask you that? Don't they generally discourage people from self diagnosing and changing their own medications?!

I calmly told her that I'd considered it, but was afraid that my blood pressure would go to the opposite extreme. That is to say - sky rocket back to it's crazy old numbers... which incidentally cause the same symptoms.

I don't even know if my blood pressure is alarmingly low - probably not - I would expect, but something is happening. Maybe the diuretic in the pill is just leeching something important from my body... who knows? That's what I pay him for, right?

Here are my readings for the last week or so:
Sunday (Jan 11) - 103/67
Monday (Jan 12) - 110/74
Tuesday (Jan 13) - 109/68
Wednesday (Jan 14) - 101/71
Thursday (Jan 15) - 98/67
Friday (Jan 16) - 102/73
Saturday (Jan 17) - 108/75
Sunday (Jan 18) - 101/67
Monday (Jan 19) - 104/73

Again, I'm sure these aren't alarmingly low by any means... so what's up?

I need some answers... my husband demands some answers - I guess he's tired of his lifeless wife falling asleep at 8 on the couch every night. :-)

Honestly, I am too - so I'll bring news as I get it - but it might not be until late this evening before I get a call back.

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  1. I don't know what a good number is...but I hope this all gets worked out and SOON!



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