Friday, February 13, 2009

30 vs 102

Last night, Renee and I chatted on Facebook for quite a while about a lot of crazy topics... but apparently... I don't act my age all the time.

I don't remember all of the conversation, but I know that I said something and then followed it with "you could knock me over with a feather"... to which Renee asked me if I was 30 or if I was 102.

There was another comment made where I said something she felt was equally as old... and she reminded me of being 102 - and said she was going to start calling me Eunice, Blanche, or Sophia... nice... a Golden Girls reference, and I'm only 30!

I guess I need to throw out a lot more gangsta references in my chatting, yo.

Does this make me sound 10? Fo shizzle...

It's so funny because we are only two years apart... but I think her connection with youth springs from her husband teaching high school & being our church's youth pastor... and well two of her siblings being in their late teens!

Maybe when Josh and Gabby get into high school - I'll pick up some slang from them? Who knows... or by then - maybe I'll own the fact that I'm getting old.

I just refuse to think that I'm THAT old until I have my own children reminding me of that fact all the time. thankyouverymuch!

(HUGS Renee!)

((This is the last post I'm allowing myself for today... seriously... if you need a reference - the day starts with the post titled Blessing/Curse))