Friday, February 13, 2009


Okay - I've got like 5 posts swimming around in my head... so I'm going to do a LOT of writing today... I don't know if I'll delay some posts to come up throughout the weekend, but there's lots of info up there today.

The first thing I HAVE to get out there is that I just suddenly noticed something about myself...

Dad - don't read this one...

Did he click away yet??

Seriously, Dad - go find a different post to read... there will be plenty for today...

Ya'll, for the first time in my life - I just noticed that my boobs stick out farther than my stomach!! When did that happen?!


  1. LOL...I know the feeling :)

  2. Ha, that's funny! It's still somewhat a curse for me. I'm pretty darn skinny - like size 4 skinny. Unfortunately, my boobs BARELY stick out past my stomach. I forgot to stop by the endowment department on my way out of the womb apparently...

  3. I love that you're writing so prolifically (prolificly?)!

    But I'm sure your dad is going to think you're post was about something much, much more embarassing! :)


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