Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fashion Show

In addition to my sister and her family staying with us last night - we killed some time between the drive home and meeting Cathi for dinner... by shopping for clothes.

I needed something for a work function next Wednesday... I got two things - I need you to vote on those at the end, but before we get to that - here is everything else I got - you gotta love sales!!

John picked out several of these things for me... so naturally we had to get them. :-)

Now for the voting portion of the post... leave me a comment and tell me which of these you think would be best to wear for a formal luncheon with lots of business leaders...

Option 1: Jacket, black shell, and black pants...

Option 2: Dress with green and brown accents, and a green sweater...
John fell in love with this - it's the first dress he's ever really seen me in other than a formal at A&M, and my wedding dress.
So, tell me what you think of all of it, but most importantly vote on what I should wear on Wednesday...


  1. Option 2 for the lunch - it's dressy enough, but casual and relaxed and I think the color is great on you!

    As for the other outfits, they all look GREAT, but I REALLY love the first one (the pink shirt with the tie at the bottom - VERY flattering) and the shirt that's teal and brown. A favorite color combo of mine!

  2. I am a "lurker" as you call it. I read your blog all the time! You are such a strong person, and I am inspired by you every day!

    I love the 2nd outfit for the lunch!

    Have a great day!

  3. I love all the outifts but I still lean towards the business suit thing for a formal lunch. But then, I have not been a part of corporate America in a long time and may have no idea of what I'm talking about~!

  4. By all means . . . the DRESS! It's so cute and you look great!!!

  5. I agree, the 2nd option is the best one. It's very flattering on you.

    I am wondering though, since your hubby has only seen you in a dress a few times, do you hate them? Since its a business thing, if you are going to have to wear it for 9 hours . . . you might want to go with 1 OR bring a change of clothes if you do hate to wear dresses.

  6. The Dress gets two votes. God Bless.

    Me - 1
    Lynne - 1

  7. I really really love that first pink top with the tie... it's look great on you!

    For the lunch, I like the 2nd option. That dress is adorable!!

  8. I love the dress too. I think the jacket is too long in the arms. The dress is very flattering and makes me think of spring. I also love the first outfit with the pink shirt...... very cute.

  9. Jen voted via email because of a glitch in the system... she voted for the dress as well - she thinks that the jacket is to big for me.

    It looks like I'll be taking the jacket back to the store next Saturday!

  10. I vote for the dress, too. Perfect for a lunch thing. (hey, look...I'm commenting! Did you even know I still read your blog?? Sorry I don't comment more...usually not enough time...and YES, I read what McMommy wrote about that, but she doesn't have MY life. Pssh!)

    I think the jacket is a great business investment. If I were you, I would keep it and I'd take it to a tailor for a little nip/tuck so it'll fit you better (show off your waist!)

    One of the best things you can do for your wardrobe is use a good tailor. They can make your clothes seem custom made for your body. And then as you loose weight, they can take in the inches for you to help you stretch your wardrobe a bit longer.

    In the other pics, the two pink tops are fantastic. Not so much a fan of the red/white/black top, and the brown/blue top is cute, though I'm not sure it's "the one"...but it's hard to really give a fair vote with a picture. Personally, I prefer solids, as they are usually less distracting from the face (and yours is so pretty, you should never distract from it! :)) and more disguising of any *Ahem* "discrepancies", as I like to call them.

    Wow! Not only a comment, but a long one, too! Mark your calendar!!! This is history in the making!!! ;D


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