Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm NOT Crazy

God is so amazing in what information and people he puts in our lives on a daily basis... I got this response from a blogger that I commented on yesterday named Christi:

I also went through infertility (PCOS). It took 1 1/2 years to get preg with each of my children and with both of them I thought it was a failed month. With my daughter after taking a pg test (negative) I took some progesterone a few days later to start my period. Thankfully it didn't work :-) Then with my son I went to the dr and took a test to see if I had ovulated because I was cramping. A couple of weeks later I realized that cramping was me ovulating when I had a positive pg test.

Simply amazing... why? Let me tell you...

This email spoke to me because I now know that I'm not 100% insane!

I have been feeling some weird cramping this week in the front of my "stomach" on the right side... it's nothing unbearable, but I'm suddenly very aware that there are organs in there...

I was just asking Renee last night if you could feel yourself ovulate... and she didn't think so...

When I mentioned it to John this morning - he just looked at me and smiled... he was totally thinking that my mind is playing tricks on me again - which could have been possible - but I'm not claiming that I am pregnant or that I would feel that at all so quickly... but I'm simply questioning if I could feel it if my ovaries were working properly.

I guess the answer is that some women can and some can't... who knows - maybe that isn't even what I'm feeling, but something is different. Maybe it's a PCOS thing - since our ovaries are effected by that condition - they work "harder" to produce and release the egg?

I don't know what is happening, but I do know that something is different... and I pray that it's a good thing... even if we don't get pregnant - it would be a wonderful blessing to know that things are working properly - and confirmation from the blood tests on Monday would be even better!


  1. You're NOT crazy!!! I can "feel" ovulation too! When I was younger I went to the doctor for it and he just said, "It's nothing to worry about, you're just hatching". So yes! Some of us CAN feel it! It may be that your body has changed so much that it now WANTS you to know what is happening and I'm pretty sure that it would WANT you to have a baby! That's what our bodies are supposed to do!

    Good luck! I'll keep you in my prayers!!!!

  2. Girl you are so not crazy! I am very in tune with my body especially after all I have been through. I can tell you every time I am ovulating and which side it's on. (You switch sides every month.)

  3. hey girl! some people can totally feel themselves ovulating. And it can be different every month based on which ovary is ovulating. When my right ovary is ovulating, i feel it way more intensely than my left. One word of advice...don't stress about getting pregnant. I know you want a baby so bad, but we know it is all in God's perfect timing. Have fun "trying" and don't make it all about making a baby...enjoy the process and still focus on the enjoyment of sex with your hubby. :)

    Love you!

  4. Before I was as overweight as I was, and now as well that I have lost weight, I am often aware of that I am ovulating, because of similar discomfort as you described. You are so not crazy!

  5. I definitely feel when I'm ovulating... but only on one side! So every other month it's like I can FEEL a fallopian tube. I know that sounds crazy, but I SWEAR!!

    So... uh... stop blogging and go meet up with John for "lunch" ;)


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