Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interesting Look

I've made a point to not hide from my opinions about the abortion issue, and yet I struggled with posting this one...

I stumbled across this commercial the other day, and found it interesting because the very man that is being featured in the commerical spot is against the pro-life movement. I realize that is exactly the point they are trying to make, but WOW!

Watch this, and really let the message sink in for a minute...

I don't even have the words to tell you guys anymore... the video stands on its own.

*** Update - I got a comment that surprised me about this, and I must not have shown my support for this commercial in the way that I intended.

I am intrigued by this commercial because it shows how Obama's life would be so different if his parents had chosen differently... it just proves to me how much of a tragedy abortion really is. Not only does it go completely against my faith, but it also robs so many from the greatness that their lives could have become.

At the same time - I also realize that God's hands are in all facets of our universe and he is with us always...


  1. I am not exactly what you are upset about?!? I realize Obama has supported some pro-abortion things, but this commercial is clearly anti-abortion in every way. I think what it is trying to say is imagine if Barack's mom chose to abort him. Are you bothered they featured him when he is pro-abortion (or pro-choice?) If so, then remember our God is bigger than any human and I think they said it (or showed it)very well.

  2. I'm not bothered by the commercial in the least... my point is that it is an interesting take to look at someone who is pro-choice's life through the lense of how things would be different if his parents had chosen differently.

    It proves my point about if John's biological parents had chosen the selfish way out - I wouldn't have a husband.

    If all the pro-choice people had their way in Obama's case... they might not have their beloved president.


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