Monday, February 2, 2009

Open Letter - Microwave Guy

Dear Man Standing at the microwave,

I really appreciate your concern for me and my health - really I do. However, is it necessary to hassle people in the work lunchroom? Did you really need to tell me that my plastic container was going to leach chemicals into my body through my food? My options for bringing my own food to work are limited, and well - they don't make small containers out of glass that would be easy to carry with me everyday.

You don't know me, but seriously - I'm a klutz, and said glassware would absolutely be a much more expensive option for me.

I know that your concern for the environment and my health should be taken as a kind regard for a fellow human being, but today - when I'm just trying to make sure that I only eat the food I brought with me, and get in as much water as possible before my workout tonight... your thoughts on plastic pickling my body don't rank high on the list.

Have a GREAT afternoon... but maybe stay on your side of the building, kthanxbye!

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