Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Passing Wave

This week just might kill me... I don't know.

Yesterday, I worked 14 hours... I literally left the office sometime after 9:00 PM... and normally - I'd totally be thinking about going to bed at that time. (I try to stay up until 10, but some nights that just doesn't happen)

Today will be longer - as the event is Wednesday at noon, and we have all the tedious work to get done today.... like stuffing name badges and getting all the registration materials together. Then we'll have to make sure that all the stuff is ready for the tables as well... which ummm... is an exact science, apparently.

I laughed yesterday when we talked about how the materials needed to be stacked in the chairs, and "this" needs to be 1 inch from the bottom - then "this" needs to be fluffed and looking pretty. Oh I kid you not... this is going to be an experience.

Then they put ME (the girl that breaks out in hives if someone has to wait in line behind me at the grocery store for too long) in charge of all the problems with seating... so I'm the girl that has to remove people from seats and put them somewhere else. Swell. :-)

I just wanted you guys to know that I'm alive and kicking... even if it's barely! I still have a post that I'm working on (another wave to my technical peeps) but I'll just have to see when I can get back and write it.

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  1. Stay positive! You can do this. And I'm sure you'll have a blast. Then you can sit back and reflect on this accomplishment (and all the hard work) and know that you're amazing!!!

    I can't wait to hear how it all goes!


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