Saturday, February 14, 2009

Personality Differences

So many really cool things have happened for us this week, and it's so amazing how you can absolutely tell that from my personality - or maybe mood is a better word.

I have most definitely come out of my shell at the office A LOT and people have been noticing - in a good way. Our Vice President has laughed about it a couple of times over the last few days... I guess for the first 5.75 months I was here - I didn't do much talking... as I was trying to figure everyone out and see how or if I fit into the team.

That has clicked into place this week - or as a reflection of the happiness and joy going on in my personal life... I've not worried about things as much this week and have been able to be more playful and involved with my team.

John has noticed it once or twice too - I guess I've been sillier than I typically would be... and have even *GASP* danced in the car. (Ok - so it's not technically dancing - but whatever)

The funny thing is that on my iFit treadmill workouts with Jillian Michaels she does some motivational speaking every now and then when she isn't telling you to push through the pain because you're changing your body...

She says that Eleanor Roosevelt once: "Do something everyday that scares you" and another thing is that working out will give you additional confidence at work or in personal relationships... maybe that is more true than I originally thought.

I absolutely notice that I feel better, and when I feel better - naturally I'm in a better mood... so everyone else is just reaping the benefits! Enjoy everybody!!

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  1. Whether it's coming from exercise or the positive news you got, three cheers for more fun!!


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