Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The other Kim is having her gallbladder removed today, and extra prayers are always welcomed. She is one of my fellow weight loss surgery buddies, and she's following in my footsteps of having to get that crazy little organ removed within the first year after surgery.

Also keep Laurie in your prayers as she is recovering from a scary ordeal with her gallbladder and a hernia being removed last week. She is recovering nicely, but is such a sweetie - she needs extra care too.

Dear God, Please be with Kim as she goes through surgery today. Also be with her doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff as they give her the best medical care they can today. Kim needs peace and rest while she recovers from this procedure. Help her to recover and get back to a healthy and busy life with her husband and sons. I also pray for Laurie's continued recovery from the scary ordeal last week. You were there to carry her through it, and will be there to get her through recovery as well. Please give her the peace of mind to know that you haven't left her, and that this too is all part of your plan. In your name I pray, Amen.

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