Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uninterupted Sleep?

The last two nights have been a challenge to say the least...

Tuesday night - at about 12:30 we were interrupted by the sound of what I would have sworn was Hurricane Ike coming back through the neighborhood. The wind was howling and quickly was followed by John trying to quickly grab everything he could that might become airborne in the pelting rain. It was a mess, but it ended much more quickly than last night's fiasco!

Wednesday night - at about 2:00 we heard the sound of a loud bang followed by a gate slamming shut... then another loud bang... then a huge light shining into our house. John of course woke up and had the dogs and I get in the bathroom and shut the door while he stood out in the living room with a gun. After a few minutes, he was able to flag down the cop that was patrolling our neighborhood and talk to him about what was going on.

Apparently, we have the added protection of our sheriff's department driving our neighborhood at night - we have a couple of officers that live in the neighborhood - and I've always loved the fact that they do this.

Well, to understand the story - our house sits on a street that runs in front, but also we are right at an intersection for another street that basically dead ends into our driveway. The officer was driving up the intersection street with his lights off, and saw someone running in the empty lot next to our house. (we have an empty lot on both sides of our house)

The first bang we heard was the "robber" hitting and breaking through the fence on the backside of the empty lot... he must have run through that person's yard and back out their gate - which accounts for the slamming gate noise... then finally the last bang was the cop running through the fence after the robber and knocking out a few more boards.

This all went on for about an hour last night with them looking for the fugitive, and of course John pacing with the gun... which reminds me of my 14 things that I love about him... even though in the middle of the chaos - I wasn't feeling much love toward anyone.

So from 2:00 to 3:00 we were wide awake, and it's really tough to get back to sleep when your adrenaline is pumping like that... so that brings us to the 5:00 alarm clock... and getting ourselves to work. I pray that tonight - will be uneventful and we can get a full 7 hours of sleep!

** Expect a good 3-4 posts today because I held some stuff over from yesterday that I wanted/needed to post.