Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 3 - 5DPT

I'm still kicking through this 5 day plan, and it is truly working!! I am extremely aware of my fullness and my pouch feels really tight... both are good things!

Today has been the soft-protein stage: which is basically cottage cheese, soft scrambled eggs, and a couple of recipes I swiped off the plan's website and customized.

I didn't eat any cottage cheese today - but I could have... I've just been so incredibly full that I've actually missed two meals today! That hasn't happened in a while - I've actually found myself snacking more and more... so this is a nice change.

My breakfast was tough on me - I had a soft scrambled egg, and for some reason - ever since my surgery... I can't tolerate eggs like that. If they are mixed in something... I can typically handle it alright, but if that's the meal... I'm sick for hours!

I started the day by making, Chicken Egg Salad and Feta Chicken Salad - which is what I've eaten all day today. The feta salad is a bit more rich than the other, but both were pretty good actually. I don't even like salads like those, but I was satisfied all day.

I did a treadmill workout - level 10!! I felt incredible working out today, that is except for the 5 minutes or so that the workout was pushing me to my limit... but other than that I felt better while working out than I can ever remember. (Imagine me doing little dance moves on the treadmill while walking - no there will NEVER be pictures)

After the workout, I made my meals for tomorrow... I will get them posted to the recipe blog after church and will tell you all about them - at least one of them is AMAZING! I took a little bite of one - but not the other... so they might both be amazing.

I'm off to bed now because I've got to be at church extra early tomorrow morning... I hope you're all having a great weekend. I really enjoyed being at home all day today without having to leave... sometimes those are my favorite days - even if I did work my tail off. Maybe that will afford me time for a nap tomorrow, but it's doubtful.

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  1. Great job on the workout and sticking to your plan! :)


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