Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John's Journey 9

I don't know if you guys noticed, but on Sunday - my husband hit the 50 pounds lost mark!!

He was so excited - picture him dancing into the bathroom while I'm in the shower...singing some sort of song he made up about losing 50 pounds... yeah, yeah, yeah. HA!

He's doing so great, and I couldn't be more proud of him... and happy for him... he totally deserves the success that he's getting right now.

The last couple of days for him have been rough - it's probably a combination of dehydration from this weekend... he's a man after all, and over-doing it comes naturally. The difference now though is that it is MUCH harder to catch up on the fluids if you miss out on them during your allotted drinking moments.

The not drinking 30 minutes before or after a meal - and having to eat every 2 hours... it's tough to do outdoor projects and things while keeping with that schedule, and when you can't gulp down a bottle of water/Gatorade because it won't fit into your pouch... it makes for a challenge.

So he had some trouble getting most of his food in yesterday - and looked/felt horrible this morning. I just talked to him and he says that he's feeling better, but we'll see... I fully intend on banishing him to his chair this evening and making sure that he constantly sips on some water or tea... I need him better before I leave on retreat Friday.


  1. Wow, that's terrific! :) It's so easy to overdo it in the beginning, and I'm sure men are extra prone to that. Banishing him to his chair is a good idea, and use that time to get your quiet time as well! Sounds like you both need it! :)

  2. Yay John! And it's wonderful that you are so supportive and proud of his accomplishment, especially since you've been what I think is a little hard on yourself for plateauing (your body is goin' through a lot, aside from weight loss). I'm sure that is keeping him more motivated than you might think. :-)

  3. He is just doing great, Kim! What a rockstar! Go john!

  4. Congratulations to John! That's truly amazing!!!! Can't stop him now!!!!!


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