Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was just perusing Fox News before leaving the office for the day... yeah it's been another fairly unproductive day... but I think tomorrow will be better. Why, I don't know... but that's what I'm praying for.

I just saw this article talking about the risks of pancreatic cancer being determined by our blood type...

Compared to people with type O, those with blood type A have a 32 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer, those with type AB have a 51 percent higher risk and those with type B have a 72 percent higher risk, the researchers found.

Oh, I'm sure it's that easy... come on! Remember when we couldn't eat eggs because of the risk of high cholesterol... and now they're healthy again? You can't boil health risks down like that... now people with type O blood are going to be complacent in figuring out if whatever they think is wrong with them could be this type of cancer... because well, a scientist told them that people with type O blood don't get it as often.

These studies irk me!

Also - can someone tell me what my blood type is?!


  1. I just read that bottled water left in your car causes breast cancer because the sunshine causes the dioxides in the plastic bottle/water to do something and if you drink bottled water left in your car your risk of breast cancer increases?!?!

    WTH! I don't get all of it. I hate scare tactics.

  2. Well, you were perusing Fox News... "more drama for yo dollah"

    I stopped listening to all the media BS. I eat well, live well and see my doctor. I won't let the media scare me. :)


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