Thursday, April 30, 2009

Award Time

I got this Queen of All Things Awe-Summ award from Nicole

The Rules Are:

*List 7 Things That Make You Awe-Summm!
*Pass It On To 7 Bloggers Who Are Awe-Summm!
*Be Sure To Tag Your Awe-Summm Bloggers To Let Them Know!
*Then Link Back To The Queen That Tagged You!

7 Things that make me Awe-Summm:
  1. The fact that I now only really have to cook on the weekends and have plenty of food for John and I to eat for the entire week!
  2. The fact that I have seen every episode of Saved by the Bell a bazillion and one times, but still get sucked in to watching them if I see them - same thing with Law and Order.
  3. The fact that I get an incredible sense of pride (in a good way) when I see John enjoying being in the Worship Team every Sunday - it's great that he gets to use his musical talents for the benefit of God.
  4. The fact that I love of reading and ability to get completely wrapped up in the characters.
  5. The fact that I walked my first 5K earlier this year... even if an unfortunate parking incident made it a 10K!
  6. The fact that even though I don't enjoy it most of the time - I am good at my job.
  7. Finally, the fact that so far - my black thumb of plant growing hasn't hit the garden... it it thriving!

7 Bloggers who are Awe-summm:

  1. Infertility Rocks - funny stuff, ya'll MUST check her out.
  2. Bariatric Babe - just getting started with her weight loss surgery journey... but love her already!
  3. Sauer Attitudes - a friend that just had the most beautiful baby ever!
  4. Sugar Mommy - a church friend that is amazing ya'll - she's super Mom - she has 4 kids under the age of 6 and her husband is working in Africa (5 weeks on/5 weeks off)
  5. Metamorphosis - another one just getting started on her weight loss journey.
  6. Simpson Sightings - a former church friend who is amazing, she finds the time to be super crafty - a great mom - a friend - and executive director for a really cool new ministry group in our area.
  7. Schoen Schenanigans / Double the Blessing - I couldn't choose one but these are two former church friends that are also sisters in law... and have GREAT families with really entertaining stories.

Bonus: Double the Babies, Double the Fun - my friend and former coworker, Allie cracks me up with tales of her twins... who she affectionately calls "The Animals" - they are hysterical!

Kathryn at This 'n That from on the Mountain nominated me for the Attitude of Gratitude Award. Where she described me as cute, sassy, & a lot of fun as she grabs life by the tail no matter what it throws at her. How sweet is that?!

Here are her instructions:
* Put the logo on your blog or post
* Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an an attitude of gratitude
* Link to your nominees within your post
* Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award
* Share the love & link to this post & the person who nominated you for the award
* Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude

These are my 10 Attitude of Gratitude award nominees, in no particular order!
  1. Laurie at Adventures of Gastric Girl - she is charming, funny, and not afraid to show how grateful she is to have her life back after the help of weight loss surgery.

  2. Meghan at Megga Meggs - she is also a fellow cut & paste girl, and boy has she taken life by the hands over the last year... and of course she is grateful that she'll be having plastic surgery next week!

  3. Donna at Ride Like a Girl! - she is truly inspirational... she had weight loss surgery a year before I did - and to look at her now... she's a triathlon queen!

  4. Renee at Right Foot Forward - No matter what is going on in the life of her family (my real life best friend) takes an attitude of gratitude in everything she does.

  5. Jenn at From the Desk of a Princess - has gratitude and love pouring out of her on a daily basis... even in the worst of times she's grateful for what she has in that moment, and follows God's lead to mend the rest.

  6. Heather at Heather's Hodgepodge - she has taught me a lot in the little time I've known her... her zest for life and generosity is amazing.

  7. Heather at Heather's Roller Coaster Journey - is another lady taking life by the horns and getting her life back in so many ways with the help of weight loss surgery.

  8. Christi over at The Journey - shares with us a little piece of life with her family, and it is an amazing journey. She is funny and poignant... and her analogies about God's love can bring a tear to my eye.

  9. Jennifer at Hope Endures - I've just started getting to know Jennifer a little better, and BOY has her journey through infertility been a ride a minute. She shared the long version with me via email, and knowing that she has come through it with her faith in tact - shows just how much gratitude she has in her heart.

  10. Erica over at Parenthood for Me - ya'll... if you haven't read about her... you need to... she wrote a post recently about her gratitude over how her life has come full circle and her family is complete now - including a yard for her dog, Lucy. (I cried... big blubbery couldn't breathe tears over this one)
Whew... this was a tough post - but these are some of my absolute favorite blogs... now I will also tell you that a few of my favorite infertility sisters were tagged by Nicole and I didn't want to tag them again - but check them out too: Becky, Summer and Bonnie


  1. AHH. you are a doll! hugs and i love those sockies!

  2. Awww...shucks! Thanks for my award! I am not only honored, I am excited to have something new to blog about! Yipee!!!!


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