Sunday, April 12, 2009

Funny Story

This morning our pastor, Kevin, told a great joke... or well, he framed it as a story, but it didn't really happen.

He said that when he first got up this morning, he walked down stairs. He saw their 4 year old Abby at the kitchen table with her Easter basket...

She was screaming at her basket... "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

Kevin asked "What are you doing Abby?"

She replied "Giving a shout out to my Peeps!"

Oh - I rolled... hysterical... the funny thing is that I could actually imagine Abby doing this... that kid is so great - she's literally NEVER met a stranger, and has such an amazing personality. She also knows more scripture at 4 years old than most adults I know.

Her parents are amazing, and with three older siblings... she certainly can hold her own.
Happy Easter Everyone!!


  1. Cute story!

    This year we didn't buy any Peeps, mainly because none of us like them. I let go of the guilt of not buying something that is a tradition that we don't like.

  2. At 4 years old, this little girl could roll with me! She sounds pretty cool!


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