Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I am working on getting some pictures from the weekend uploaded and into a few other posts, but in the event that I don't get them posted - I wanted to wish you all a VERY Happy Easter...

We sang My Savior Lives this morning in church, and I can't think of another time that I was more moved and interested in singing.... I even clapped along... GASP! Okay, if you knew me - I'm such a wall flower - even in church - I don't draw any attention to myself. More than that - I sit right in front of the youth group - so I certainly am aware of my need to not make them laugh at me...

Today however - I was in the perfect frame of mind - it was all about worshiping Jesus and his resurrection... what an amazing gift we have in Jesus!

A quick picture of Taylor and Brooklyn at church this morning... they looked adorable in their matching Easter dresses...

From John and I - we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter... and announce that between the two of us - we've lost 153 pounds in the last 17 months, and without our faith in Jesus Christ - we never would have been able to embark on such a life changing journey. Here's hoping that next year we'll have our own little bunny to share pictures of!

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  1. Kim - What a beautiful picture of you and John! Congrats on your combined success and keep up the great work - you are in inspiration to pre-ops like me!!


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