Monday, April 6, 2009

Meds & Other Fun Stuff

This morning - I'm taking a couple of detours from the retreat messages - still digesting...

I wanted to update on how things have been doing after starting the Clomid. (Because I like to share all... you know.) The side effects have been fairly mild - I guess... people around me might say otherwise, but they aren't as bad as I originally expected.

I've had some times of intense crying... whew - one of the speakers set me off on Saturday and I couldn't stop... all three had me crying, but the middle one was the most intense. (More on that later)

Other than the crying - I think the mood swings have been mild.

I've had small bits of nausea, but even that has been alright - and it might not even been from the Clomid. It could be residual effects from the other medicines that were tweaked the week before - OR it could be the excessive amount of sugar that was consumed over the weekend.

My munching has increased - but I'm at work again - so no free snacking during the day... but I'm like a bear right now - rummaging through the cabinets in search of sugar one minute and salt the next... this could be a bad sign of things to come when pregnant. Accountability is key though - so I'll hope that if you hear stories about food and crazy craving antics - you'll call me on it!

The only other thing I've noticed is that every once in a while - it's happened at least twice over the last 3 days... I will get an intense (and I do mean INTENSE) cramp... you know, the kind that makes your hair stand on end. They are short and don't last more than a minute or two - then it's gone... but certainly is strange. Is that normal? Has anyone else had that while taking the drug? I'm not super worried about it, but just curious what it is that might be causing that.

Alright - that's the update on that front for right now - off to get some work done before setting out to write about the most amazing spiritual weekend I've ever had. Lets just equate it to God hitting me in the forehead with a brick... but hey, he got my attention!

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