Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainy Day Randomness

Today has been pretty much spent working while hanging on the couch... no one left the house or got out of their pajamas, and with the exception of the pesky working - it was a gloriously wonderful gift to be able to stay home when the weather was craptastic!

We officially got 12 inches of rain here, and 99% of that was dumped in two storms... one between 4PM-6PM and the other between about 2AM-4AM... the second being worse and I'm pretty sure it involved some hail. Parts of the city were completely flooded - and being that we had such a hard time getting home last night... it was for the best that we chose to stay in.

John's cousin's husband (HA!), Philip works with the diving team with the Houston Police Department... and he apparently had to go on a mission today to search for a car that went down a 10' storm drain with the driver inside. The searched, but never found the driver... she had been down there since yesterday - so there is at least one family out there tonight mourning the loss of a loved one from the storm. They will go back tomorrow when the water recedes at little more, and search again.

With that - the rest of the post will share some pictures that I've been meaning to put up for a few days, but hadn't gotten to just yet....

This is Missy doing what she does best... sitting on Maggie... poor Maggie - at least she doesn't seem to care that she gets used as a personal lazy boy recliner!

We put this guy out in the garden this weekend, so that he could scare off the birds.

The owl from far away, but really the goal of this picture is to show you guys that I mowed the grass this weekend! I got tired of watching the NFL draft, and wanted to help John not get so tired/dehydrated doing the yard work... so I mowed... I know that some of you have no clue how big of a deal that is... it's HUGE!

A little more photographic evidence that I mowed... HA... I was/am proud!

A week or so ago, I went to my friend Danielle's for a Stamp Camp... we made cards and all sorts of stuff - this is a little box that has 4 chocolates inside... super cute!

A Father's Day card...

A "thinking of you" card...

A birthday card... I messed up the design a bit, but it's still cute - the Happy Birthday stamp is inside instead of where it belongs on the outside. Oops! The petals on the flower were stamped on white card stock... and cut out... it was VERY FUN! I loved that stamp set...

This is a Mother's Day card...

So that's about it for today - I would really appreciate it if you guys could keep my friend Jenn, From the Desk of a Princess in your prayers tonight - she has had a rough day or two, and needs as much lifting up to the Lord as we can provide. Pray for her to have strength, peace, patience, and wisdom to work through the troubles she is facing tonight.
I'm going to be guest blogging for her this weekend while she goes to Florida to be the photographer for her friend's wedding - so I'll let you guys know when those posts go up.


  1. Yep, the weather was horrendous... good thing you got to work from home!! Hopefully it will let up a bit just so the ground can recover!

    Love the cards you made, very cute!
    And.. nice job on the yard! :)

  2. You are so crafty that I am insanely jealous!

  3. First, the cards. They are lovely. I LOVE paper crafting and cards are my "thang". Wishing we lived closer together...but for more reasons that cards. :-)

    Secondly, thank you for asking people to pray. Needing it more than you can imagine...and appreciate all of you who lift me up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. The backyard looks awesome! I can't wait until I have one again!! The doggies are adorable too :)


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