Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here I sit in my cubicle on the last workday before a holiday weekend - which I'm not used to getting Good Friday off... so this is a lovely treat! I've got my Alavert in one hand and a drink in the other... trying to make it through the day without some sort of allergy meltdown.

I'm reading through my Google Reader posts - which naturally is the third step in my routine of starting the day...
  1. Crosswalk Bible in a Year reading
  2. Email
  3. Google Reader
  4. Work/Blog

Come on - you know I'm no different than the rest of you...

Anyway - this morning I am SO smooth that I start snorting my drink and laughing out loud... a post that is fairly old was reposted by Big Mama this morning... and it struck a chord with me. I'll let you go read it over at Big Mama's site...

Go on... I'll wait...

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail... Hopping down the bunny trail...

Oh, you're back.

Okay, so this post absolutely cracked me up - not only because Big Mama has a way of telling just about any story and making me laugh, but also because I can see myself in this same situation. The sad thing is that I'm not that crafty - or talented when it comes to things of that nature... so if I was struggling - I would have NO problem calling in reinforcements from all my crafty friends.

But as God is my witness... my kid would have an excellent float for their parade! Even if I had to buy it from someone... oh yes... victory would be ours...

Oh geez, I think I just let ya'll in on one of my fatal flaws... competition - in all things that don't involve sweat... I fight to the death. (okay - that was overly dramatic) In all honesty though - I do tend to go a little over the top when playing board games or doing competitions that don't involve sports... or well... acting in front of people.

I can't say that I'm big into things like charades... I pretty much panic in those situations and pray that for some reason my turn will get skipped. I digress though... that would be a story for another day.


  1. Yea. I'm busted. My routine is very similar - Bible Gateway daily reading, email, Google reader posts, then work/blog. :-) Good grief! And they thought Facebook was the new work addiction! :-)

    I read Bib Mama's post too and must admit, I am totally the same way. Last week we decorated for my boss's 50th birthday here at the office and as usual, I devoted the most time and made sure everything was PERFECT. I even made a mini-graveyard in his zen rock garden. I'll send ya the pictures...

  2. Yep, similar routine here! Gmail, feed reader, facebook, work email, word voicemail, rinse, repeat!

    That float thing cracked me up... my parents always cared WAAAY more about my school projects than I did. My dad once built a mountain out of clay for a diarama. And then there was the dirt-sucking floor science project, that I swear he did all by himself. haha!

  3. Big Mama's post was hilarious and I would certainly not say that you are not crafty! I've seen your scrapbook pages I can only dream of doing!


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