Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fireproof Viewing

This has been an amazing spiritual weekend! We started our small group yesterday by watching Fireproof... and today we had the most amazing sermon about Raising Kids God's Way. The second item warrants its own post that I'll try to get written tomorrow.

I want to tell you how much I loved the movie Fireproof. It was a WONDERFUL movie, and if you haven't seen it - RUN... don't walk... and get a copy. I promise you that you will be changed by this movie. The story of what happens to the couple in the movie is nothing short of a miracle... I don't want to give the story away so I'm not truly going to review the plot line of the movie. (Just take my word for it... you MUST see it!)

I have to say that there are parts where the acting isn't good, and you can tell it's not a big budget movie - but honestly - get over that, and watch the story. I'm not kidding when I tell you that it will change your life.

Renee and I laughed because it's hard for us to take Kirk Cameron seriously as a dramatic actor after his days as the hunky guy on Growing Pains... and well the years of my childhood that I planned on being Mrs. Cameron. It is amazing though to see his faith, and he did an amazing job in the movie.

This was our first meeting with our group - which has grown significantly since last fall... we have about 13 adults (possibly 15) - I know it's an odd number but one family has opted to have one of the spouses attend while the other takes care of the kids at home. ANYWAY - we watched the movie together last night and had an amazing dinner. We borrowed my brother-in-law's recipe for grilled chicken... and I'm telling you that it TOO will change your life. I'll post more about that later as well.... but lets just say that I have a date with some leftover chicken this evening.

We will be starting the Love Dare Bible Study this week with our group, and I think it's going to be exciting... I'll try to post about as much of it as I can as we go through it - but some of it looks to be pretty personal... so there might be some places where I skip over the lessons because this is a family blog. (blushing) I am excited to watch what this study is able to do in our marriage - as well as in the other 5-6 couples in our group. The stories I have heard of people that have done this study are amazing. If anyone wants to run out and get the study before Thursday - let me know, and I'd love to be praying for you.

If you know of any couples that need a bit of a rebirth in their marriage - go get them a copy of this movie and study... seriously - this just might be the lifeline they need.

It also is a pretty busy time in our lives with everything that will be happening over the next 40 days - so there might be some time when I am only able to do some general weekly wrap up posts about the various topics... because in the next 40 days we'll be doing: Love Dare, IUI Fertility Treatments, an exercise challenge... and anything else that comes up!

I would like to remind anyone else that has been thinking about joining in on the exercise challenge that it isn't too late... just drop me a comment or an email and let me know that you'd like to participate. The idea is that you will commit to making exercise a priority for 30 days in the hope of making it a habit for bettering your body. I will be doing the EA Sports Active Challenge on my new Wii game - but other members of the group are doing different things. Summer is doing the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels... other friends are committing to walk/swim... so it's not as much about what you do as it is the fact that you do SOMETHING for 20-30 minutes a day. So join in with us - and find an activity you love... then make yourself a priority for 30 minutes a day! You still have the remaining 23.5 hours of the day to take care of everyone else. *WINK*


  1. Hmm, me going to bible study while Hubby stays at home would be somewhat difficult. I would be tempted to only tell him the stuff he needs to do. Not to mention sometimes it is better coming from a third party. You know, instead of me telling him to take out the garbage, another man saying that what a blessing it was to his marriage when he began to consistantly take out the garbage.

    But I suppose one attending is better than neither being able to go.

  2. You sound so busy, but with really positive things.
    Good luck with the exercise challenge. I'm sure you'll rock at it.
    I had a lot of people tell me to watch Fireproof, I'm going to have to go out and rent it.

  3. Fireproof is an AWESOME movie. It has truly changed a lot of lives (and marriages!). BTW, Kirk Cameron came to our church as a guest speaker right around the time the movie came out, and he is so dynamic in person! He really has a passion to spread the gospel and use his fame to promote Christian living. It was something I'll remember forever.

    Also, I want to join in the 30-day exercise challenge! My 30-day Shred experience is wrapping up this week, and I want to keep a good thing going!

  4. I love that movie. Very good. Can't wait to hear more about the Bible study. Do you have a book that goes with it and is there a way to get it? I'd love to at least get the book.

  5. My mom made an Easter basket for Lee & I and gave us Fireproof inside, but we haven't watched it yet... our anniversary is coming... maybe we'll make an event out of it!

    I WISH I could exercise, but I'm still down for the count. GRRRR.


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