Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Programing Break

Good Morning. I just wanted to pop in and say that I am going to get a post or two written today - AND I'm going to clean out my Google Reader as well... yesterday was crazy with my 4 hours of training.

Can I just say that sometimes training is like being stuck in a room to watch paint dry?! A 4 hour class on writing a procedure manual is a little tough to take!

This morning I've got back to back meetings, and as soon as those are over - I'm going to take the hour or so that I need to get things caught up in other areas. We'll just call it a lunch hour - because in all reality - there will be eating involved along with my reading.

This week is so overwhelming to me - I've got something scheduled every day - which is not my normal routine. I'm normally pretty free with my schedule, but it seems like everything has backed itself into this week - and tomorrow - I am REALLY looking forward to a 4 hour long quarterly manager meeting. YIKES!

I sometimes find it funny that I go to those meetings since I don't actually manage anyone... but there is the possibility for that in the future - and I am getting an intern for the summer. I just found that out yesterday... my cubicle mate and I are getting an intern to share - I get 3 days a week to fill of his time and she gets 2... not because my stuff is more important... just more administrative in nature and lends better to an intern. We're also pushing to get a high school student intern along with this one, who happens to be a college grad.

Anyone else wake up some days and wonder how in the WORLD you got to be old enough to interview, hire, and supervise a college graduate? Some days - I feel like I just graduated yesterday... but in August 2010 - it'll be 10 years since I was at that point in my life. Where does it go?!

Okay, anyway... somehow the words just pour out of me some mornings. I've got to run get ready for my first meeting - I'll be back with that great post about Sunday's message from church... it was a good one - so come back for that!

Also in the meantime - if you want to submit a question for Q&A Wednesday please leave me your question in the comments. I'd love to answer whatever questions you might have. We've got a good round of questions this week... so I'm really excited!


  1. Your post on meetings reminded me of something i read recently: "Committee meetings are the only place where you take minutes & waste hours."

    It seemed apropos as my husband & i are on the church council which has meetings that go on forever.

    I haven't asked questions because i'm kind of new to your blog & am afraid i'll ask ones you've already covered. OK,

    What is your favorite thing to do to pass time?

    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  2. Oh Kim, just wait till it has been 25 years since your graduation when it feels like maybe a couple years ago!

    Hope you manage your busy week ok. I hate meeting with a passion but with what I do now, we don't have many thankfully!


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