Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Favorites 8

This week we have my friend Summer, who just happens to be fantastic! She is sweet, caring and funny - and of course a great support through the ups and downs of trying to have a baby. We have been able to chat quite a bit through Gmail and text messaging, and believe me - as soon as I get a chance to head on up to NYC... she's going to show it to me through the eyes of a native! (she just doesn't know it yet! HA!) You've got to go check her out - because she shares a lot of shopping finds via Etsy and other sites that are just amazingly cool. I know that you'll love her!

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born and raised in South Louisiana but moved to NYC after LSU to study acting. I did well in the industry but have lost a bit of passion for it. It will always be apart of me, just not right now. I am an aspiring pastry chef and plan on going back to school to receive my teaching certificate. I’ve been married for 3 years and we have two cats. I live in a fabulous city that seriously never sleeps. I work too hard and play when I can. I love my husband, my family, my heritage, the sun, fleur de lis, being silly, baking, eating Smarties, dancing in my kitchen, and anything & everything LSU. I love all things vintage. I love being witty and throwing out one liners. I have learned to bust some balls living in NYC. Oh and I love all things crazy. Things that don’t really go well together, but so do! Like bacon and chocolate. I also am not bashful and ask a lot of questions. Quite curious, I am. Also, I am a worry wart and it affects me on a daily basis.

2) Tell us your mission/goal for your blog:

I started it when we started TTC (trying to conceive), thinking I would be posting pictures of baby bedding and bibs. However, we did not conceive for about 8 months and when we did, the pregnancy was ectopic. However, I‘ve met some of the best people in the world through blogging. My blog was supposed to be all about my husband and myself and our future kiddos. Now, I control it! I post about fashion, fun and interesting things, our life in NYC and our travels.

3) Tell us about your favorite post or your best inspiration:

I love love love DIY. (Do It Yourself) I love anything old that I can make new again. My favorite post has to be the one showing off my newly, painted shelves.

4) Tell us one thing you can’t live without: (this could be animal, vegetable, or mineral – it’s up to you)

ONE thing? Um, this is hard. I would say lavender. I love it so much. I love to smell it, bathe in it, wash my clothes in it and even eat it when it is infused into the frosting of a cupcake! Want the recipe? I will share it.

5) Tell us something funny/interesting about you:

I am obsessed with the labels of my products in the kitchen and bathroom facing forward. I am in love with the Big Lebowski. I sometimes talk in a little girly voice to my husband. I dance with my cats. I have 3 tattoos and most people are shocked to find this out. I love the Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule. I love black nail polish on my short nails. I love extra dirty martinis. I love to dip my fries in ice cream or mayo, {but not at the same time – yuck}. I also love headbands more than anything. I speak a little Cajun French. I dislike people that think they are better than me because of the amount of money in their checking account, how they dress or their occupation. Those people bore me. My nicknames are: from dad – Gootzer, my husband – Kiddo and my friends – Sum. WOW – this questionnaire was so ME ME ME.

6) Tell us how we can find you to read for ourselves: (your blog address) (invite only, just shoot me an email)

If you'd like to be featured on Friday Favorites in the coming weeks, drop me a comment with your email address and I'll send the survey over to you. OR you can copy the questions from this post - answer them and email them to me. (You can find my email by clicking on the about me link to my profile.)

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  1. thank you so much for this. what a lovely intro! you, my dear, have become very special to me as well. xo

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