Thursday, June 18, 2009


Is anyone out there? Where is everyone lately? I know that I've been writing sort of sporadically, but I miss all my bloggy friends.

In the spirit of the fact that I can't seem to get myself together these days... some random updates:

  • The intern is back for day 3 - so I guess that is a good sign. I appreciate all of your kind words and support. I really feel like this is a cultural issue that we're working through, and I think that we'll get there. The job isn't super fun... I know that - believe me - because he's doing exactly what I sit here and do all day... but he's making money and he's not outside in the 102 degree heat and humidity, right?!
  • Have I told ya'll about the grant writing consultant that was hired to help our department? Oh man... I'm not kidding when I tell you that my entire working career is collapsing on itself in this place. They totally hired a lady I worked with back in 2001-2002... she's a bit... ummm... challenging? I don't know if that's the word... but I've gotten several laughs over it - because I don't really have anything much to do with working on anything with her... but my cubicle mate does. Literally on her first day, I saw my cube buddy having to cart a new chair from across the building because the one in the lady's workspace wasn't acceptable. I can't even TRY to make this stuff up!
  • Some days, I wake up completely overwhelmed with how fast time is moving... maybe it's the trying to conceive and the fertility treatment scheduling - but it just seems like so much time is getting away from us. I look back at where we were 6 months ago, and I really truly in my heart believed that I'd be pregnant by now. Notsomuch... but I think the hardest thing is that it's now becoming apparent that I'll probably be 32 before we have a child... not before we get pregnant hopefully, but more than likely before the child is born. That is so NOT how I pictured my life going... but what can I do?
  • I added some things to my Etsy store over the weekend - so go check out the new designs. The link is in the top left corner as well - just click on the KH Jewelry logo. I also added a fan page on Facebook - which is the fastest way that I can announce new things that are going on.
  • I'm thinking of doing some contests with both jewelry and some BeautiControl products that I have left from my brief stint as a consultant. I need to get some of this stuff out of my house... so look for those coming soon... I'm thinking of giving away potentially some spa products, a micro-derm abrasion kit, and of course jewelry. YAY! If anyone has any ideas on nifty things I can do with these contests - I'd love to hear it. I don't just want to give things away - I'd love for you to have to DO something to get it... like spread the word about KH Jewelry... or Thoughts by Kim... something small, but just something.
  • This week has been tough - more physically than mentally... I haven't been feeling well... so I think I've fallen off the wagon with my 30 day challenge. Which totally stinks, but when you're nauseated - and have other things wrong with you (I'm sparing you the details) - working out seems to fall off the "to do" list... and laying on the couch in misery takes over. I hope that I can pick back up with this tomorrow or over the weekend though.
  • I also fell off the wagon with my Love Dare, but I'm getting back into it - if there is any way to double up on the lessons - I'm going to do that this weekend to catch up. I've been struggling this week - not with loving my husband by an stretch of the imagination... but when you feel crummy - and you're swamped at work - it is hard to find time to read and give the lessons the attention they deserve. So, instead of just doing something halfway... I'm going to wait and give it 110%!
  • Our small group meets tonight - and I'm still cracking up over the 45 minute conversation last night with Papa John's trying to order the pizza that we're having for dinner tonight. I usually cook for everyone, but we'd planned one week to have pizza - and it truly is a blessing that it is falling this week!

I think that's about it... it's a crazy little random world that I live in...