Thursday, June 18, 2009


Is anyone out there? Where is everyone lately? I know that I've been writing sort of sporadically, but I miss all my bloggy friends.

In the spirit of the fact that I can't seem to get myself together these days... some random updates:

  • The intern is back for day 3 - so I guess that is a good sign. I appreciate all of your kind words and support. I really feel like this is a cultural issue that we're working through, and I think that we'll get there. The job isn't super fun... I know that - believe me - because he's doing exactly what I sit here and do all day... but he's making money and he's not outside in the 102 degree heat and humidity, right?!
  • Have I told ya'll about the grant writing consultant that was hired to help our department? Oh man... I'm not kidding when I tell you that my entire working career is collapsing on itself in this place. They totally hired a lady I worked with back in 2001-2002... she's a bit... ummm... challenging? I don't know if that's the word... but I've gotten several laughs over it - because I don't really have anything much to do with working on anything with her... but my cubicle mate does. Literally on her first day, I saw my cube buddy having to cart a new chair from across the building because the one in the lady's workspace wasn't acceptable. I can't even TRY to make this stuff up!
  • Some days, I wake up completely overwhelmed with how fast time is moving... maybe it's the trying to conceive and the fertility treatment scheduling - but it just seems like so much time is getting away from us. I look back at where we were 6 months ago, and I really truly in my heart believed that I'd be pregnant by now. Notsomuch... but I think the hardest thing is that it's now becoming apparent that I'll probably be 32 before we have a child... not before we get pregnant hopefully, but more than likely before the child is born. That is so NOT how I pictured my life going... but what can I do?
  • I added some things to my Etsy store over the weekend - so go check out the new designs. The link is in the top left corner as well - just click on the KH Jewelry logo. I also added a fan page on Facebook - which is the fastest way that I can announce new things that are going on.
  • I'm thinking of doing some contests with both jewelry and some BeautiControl products that I have left from my brief stint as a consultant. I need to get some of this stuff out of my house... so look for those coming soon... I'm thinking of giving away potentially some spa products, a micro-derm abrasion kit, and of course jewelry. YAY! If anyone has any ideas on nifty things I can do with these contests - I'd love to hear it. I don't just want to give things away - I'd love for you to have to DO something to get it... like spread the word about KH Jewelry... or Thoughts by Kim... something small, but just something.
  • This week has been tough - more physically than mentally... I haven't been feeling well... so I think I've fallen off the wagon with my 30 day challenge. Which totally stinks, but when you're nauseated - and have other things wrong with you (I'm sparing you the details) - working out seems to fall off the "to do" list... and laying on the couch in misery takes over. I hope that I can pick back up with this tomorrow or over the weekend though.
  • I also fell off the wagon with my Love Dare, but I'm getting back into it - if there is any way to double up on the lessons - I'm going to do that this weekend to catch up. I've been struggling this week - not with loving my husband by an stretch of the imagination... but when you feel crummy - and you're swamped at work - it is hard to find time to read and give the lessons the attention they deserve. So, instead of just doing something halfway... I'm going to wait and give it 110%!
  • Our small group meets tonight - and I'm still cracking up over the 45 minute conversation last night with Papa John's trying to order the pizza that we're having for dinner tonight. I usually cook for everyone, but we'd planned one week to have pizza - and it truly is a blessing that it is falling this week!

I think that's about it... it's a crazy little random world that I live in...


  1. I am so one of the negligent commenters!!!! I've been reading some blogs but haven't been blogging or commenting. I don't know what my problem is....oh yeah it might be Facebook. I was laughing to myself when I read about your intern. My husband is a firefighter and was the "rookie" on the department for probably 5 years. Being the rookie means making everyones bed, riding the ambulance every shift etc. Now when guys get hired they are comlaining within a few months of getting hired about EVERYTHING. Josh said they are calling them the 20 year rookies. I think our generation is pretty bad but the ones after us are going to be a tough bunch to deal with :)

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. I'm here, and I've been reading. I just don't have much to say! Sorry to hear you're still having it so rough. I hope everything improves really soon!

  3. I didn't know you sold BeautiControl! I have the microderm kit though I haven't used it since I ran out of the scrub! I LOVE their eye shadows..they go on soooo nice!! And their stuff isn't really all that expensive. I'll have to look for your fan page on FB tonight...I'm trying so hard not to get all wrapped up in it like I did before! I'm doing pretty good so far! Hang in there...lots going on, but God is still with you!

  4. I am finally home after 1 1/2 weeks of suitcase living. I got way behind on my blog reading and commenting because I would fall into bed exhausted each night.

    It sounds like the intern doesn't get it. Its a paycheck, and when you are getting your foot in the door you have to do whatever you are told to do. Not to mention complaining will get you a reputation

  5. I'm here too... just haven't had anything to contribute, sorry. I just feel like everyone else says everything I would say. Hang in there... this too shall pass.

  6. Hello, absent commenter here, but you know where I've been! By the time I get back to the FIL's house in the evening and upload and resize photos for the blog, it is after 11:00 here...bloody time difference. So bear with me...I am actually several of your blog posts behind but plan to catch up after July 3rd when life slows down!

  7. Hello there... I'm super duper behind on everyones posts and it sucks! I'm trying to catch up!

    Email me when you have a chance and give me the scoop on Cypress. We looked at a few houses over there last night and are going again today.

  8. Negligent commenter? Who, me? :)

    Just popping in to say hello!! I've missed you too. Hope all is going well at work - too funny about the grant writer! Small world.


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