Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fairhaven Health

About a month ago, Barbara from Fairhaven Health contacted me about reviewing some products from their site. It's taken us a while to get it all figured out, but I've got some products on the way!! It was ironically, right after I'd placed an order for some vitamins for John... not too long after his tests came back odd and we were on the disabled list for our treatments.

I'd ordered him some FertilAid for Men upon the recommendation of Summer. The ingredients in FertilAid for Men have been scientifically demonstrated to enhance male fertility and improve overall reproductive wellness as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Ideal for men with a low sperm count or for those looking to optimize their sexual health. I can't say without a doubt that this helped John's tests this time around - but they certainly were part of our treatment plan. Along with the recommendations from our doctor - he used this product.

Where we read that it would most likely take 3 months for there to be big changes in his tests - it happened within a month!! So I'll credit FertilAid for Men with some of that drastic change!

One of the products that Barbara is sending me is FertileCM - which she says will help counteract some of the negative effects (physically) that the fertility drugs might have on my system. FertileCM for Women is a balanced dietary supplement to promote the healthy production of fertile cervical mucus – the bodily fluid central to fertility and conception. The ingredients in FertileCM have also been shown to support female arousal and sexual sensitivity and strengthen the uterine lining, both of which can increase chances for successful conception.

She is also sending me a copy of this Bend, Breathe and Conceive Yoga... which I'm really looking forward to! Bend, Breathe & Conceive is a new yoga program specifically created to help couples conceive. Anna Davis, PhD, RYT, scientist and yoga instructor, guides you through a series of physical poses, yogic breathing techniques, visualizations and meditation practices designed to integrate mind, body and spirit to cultivate balance. This connection acts as an antidote to stress and promotes fertility and optimal reproductive health. This video will help you:

• Learn how daily anxieties and “fertility frustration" can trigger the release of stress hormones that disrupt the healthy functioning of the reproductive systems.

• Relieve stress with proven relaxation techniques designed to restore mental and physical balance and actually increase conception rates.

• Build strength, increase flexibility and learn to shift your physiology away from stress towards relaxation to help you conceive.

In a recent clinical study, just ten weeks of yoga was shown to improve overall fertility fitness and increase conception rates among women in the experimental yoga group.

I'd highly recommend you guys going to check out their site - they've got
Fertility Products as well as Prenatal/Nursing Products - so they'll suit your needs no matter what they are.
The best part?! Is that they've given me a coupon code for 10% off everything in their store - it will be valid all Summer! The code is Sunshine09. Go check it out - and I know that these products will help you just as they have helped us.

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