Monday, August 10, 2009

Sprinkling of Random

In light of it being a Monday morning... I've got a bulleted list of recent happenings:

  • My "boss" shall henceforth be called Karen... because the title of boss freaks her out a little. HA! She just so happens to be the absolute coolest "boss" ever - and I'm so glad that she's with us. I knew her and worked briefly with her at my last job, and am looking forward to getting to know her MUCH better in a MUCH happier environment.

  • I have revived my nickname, Kim Possible, from my old team (former job - thanks Allie for this nickname) - I think that it can be used as inspiration/motivation for lots of areas in my life... and it's just darn cute now that my hair is back to being red again. I even have another of the logos from the show posted on my wall in the office - it's one with her doing a karate chop move... too funny!
  • I am dragging really bad today - which is weird because I woke up feeling okay... but I guess there is a magic hour that happens right after I wake up and from there it is downhill. You can ask John... literally - if there is anything he needs me to get done during the evening... I have to get to that RIGHT away before even trying to sit down to relax. So the evening magic hour is from about 5:15 to 6:30 (ish) if it lasts that long.
  • I will be putting the new designs up on Etsy (hopefully tonight) because a couple of them have already been requested... gotta love Facebook! It is actually thrilling to be designing things again and seeing that I still "have it" - and maybe even the sale of a couple of things prior to the Shop Til You Drop event (9/12 craft fair) will help me buy some more supplies to keep cranking out the designs.
  • The first order with Freedom Pharmacy has been placed... can I just tell you how easy that was? I literally said painless - but that depends on your source of pain... mine evidently is more in terms of the hassle involved and less with the cost. It was really great though - I honestly thought that they'd charge extra for everything... like say needles, syringes... the things that you HAVE to have in order to take the injections. I can honestly give them a seal of approval because the shipping is free, everything is included, and they send you the sharps package for free as well.
  • They also automatically signed me up for a program through the drug manufacturer called "Fertility Assist" where on your second cycle you get a discount on the drugs... so if my dosage stayed the same for a second cycle we'd get $250 in savings... if it increased drastically (from 1,200 units in the month to 2,100 units) we'd get a savings of $500. Every little bit helps!!
  • The drugs will be delivered to my office on Friday - so look for the obligatory photo of my fertility drug paraphernalia this weekend.
  • The idea of actually having the shots and stuff in my hot little hands is almost surreal at this point. I guess since we've been waiting for our "next cycle" since May... it just seems odd that it's finally getting to that point.
  • Anyone that knows me really well - knows that my all time favorite restaurant is Benihana's... and last night - we recreated portions of that meal at home. John made the most amazing Benihana Shrimp, with zucchini and onions... and of course we had some rice. It wasn't their chicken fried rice, but just steamed rice - but ya'll... it was WONDERFUL!
  • John had a follow up with his doctor today - and is still going strong on the weight loss. Look for an updated ticker soon... I believe he said his new number is 109 pounds lost... AMAZING!
  • As we speak, workmen are at my house (under the strictest of supervision) cutting wholes in my ceiling... when we built the house, we had them prewire all the surround sound and stuff for us. Unfortunately - they didn't put the connections for the back speakers in right place... so we're making them move them. They are also doing the final warranty things on the house as our 2 year warranty is up over Labor Day.
  • Last on the list, but first in my heart today - please be praying for my friend Summer. Today is the end of her 2 week waiting period for her IVF cycle, and I know that this last part of the wait has to be the most brutal. I just pray that God surrounds her today, and no matter what the outcome - she has peace. (Certainly, if that peace comes with a great amount of rejoicing - that would be fantastic too!)

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  1. I have an internet friend in Brazil, who always calls me Kim Possible or more "KP" for short! Too funny!


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