Friday, September 11, 2009

Long Day

It has been an incredibly long day, but I think that I'm ready for the show tomorrow... I am so glad I took the day off to get ready... I can't even imagine what I would have done if I had worked! I literally spent the last 16 hours getting ready for this show!

Here are a few things that I made today - I'm quite fond of all of them...

Green Turquoise Nuggets and Silver

Another multi colored shell necklace with matching earrings

Swarovski crystals in varying shades of blue with silver

Large Turquoise Nuggets and Coral... I've done this one before, but did a complete set this time. The Turquoise and the Coral are larger than the previous version as well.

Turquoise Nuggets and Silver

Rose Quartz Double Strand Necklace - I also made this one in yellow.

That's about it - I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow. But it's almost 11, and I'll be up at 5:30... and I still have to make the bed.
Memo to me... do not try to wash the sheets or do other domestic things while getting ready for a craft fair... because at the end of the night - all you want to do is crawl in bed...not have to make it first!
The only thing I forgot to do today was go get cash to use as change... but I think John has found a solution for me. He called a grocery store on the way to the show and they said if we get there before 7 - they could make change for us. So we'll be stopping in there on the way in the morning... but hey, they have a Starbucks... so it's all good!
I can't wait to report on how the day went and show you what everything looked like... lets hope that I'll be reporting a HUGE success too!

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  1. I really love the turquoise one with the cross...I bet that will be a quick seller :)



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