Monday, September 7, 2009

Miss Me?

Anyone out there missing me? I can't believe it's been 6 days since I posted last... I guess that I don't need to tell you that it has been a crazy week... right?

What have I been up to, you ask?
  • Work has been completely nuts... not only because I've been completely nuts... but it just has been really busy this last week. Hopefully I'll get out on top of these projects in the next few days, and things will get better.
  • We started the Lupron injections. In fact, tomorrow it will have been a week ago. If you remember Lupron basically floods the body with hormones and puts the body into a menopausal state - stopping your body from producing any of it's own hormones. This is the best way for us to combat my testosterone levels that keep putting the brake on the ovulation process as a whole.
  • The opening game of college football season was Saturday, and our Aggies won! YAY! That makes for a great weekend in our house... it could only get better if Texas were to lose. John was gone for most of the afternoon/evening on Saturday... but I got some jewelry made, and had dinner with some good friends.
  • Sunday brought more college football viewing, and I wasn't feeling well at all - so I pretty much stayed on the couch all day long. It seems that since I started the Lupron... every time I eat, I get horrible stomach cramps. If I eat anything sweet... it's absolutely beyond miserable. I made the mistake of eating a spinach salad with strawberries yesterday... and I sincerely wanted to curl up on a ball and will my body to stop aching.
  • Today, we went to watch the Astros beat the Phillies... it was a lovely afternoon with my in-laws... but in my attempt to keep from having stomach pain... I went too long without food and got fairly light headed. Nothing a little Mexican food couldn't fix... but whew! Next time, I'll just suck it up and live with the pain... because in retrospect... I sort of wish I'd had a hot dog...or a pretzel... or some ice cream... okay, yes the ice cream would have been painful... but it truly is one of my love languages.
  • In the midst of all of this fun, I've been making jewelry like a mad woman... trying to get ready for the craft fair on Saturday. I've made several things that I'm really proud of... but I'll share some sample pictures in another post. I probably won't list these items on Etsy until after the craft fair... because I don't want to pay to list items until I see what sells at the fair. Good news is that most of it can be recreated - so if it sells - I'll just get supplies and make more!
  • I go back in the morning for a blood work check on how the Lupron is doing... so I'll let you guys know how that goes. If my testosterone level comes back in a good range... then we'll be starting the whole process of the next cycle up later in the week. They'll give me the green light when it is time... and it'll be the 4 days off of the pill... then starting up with the shots again. This time the shots will be different... and I'm a little scared of them this go around... but it's all worth it! Worst case, my levels won't be in range and we will keep doing what we are for another week... and test again.

Soooo... my lovely readers... how have you guys been? Are any of you still out there? I hope that you've all had a lovely weekend... full of rest! I know I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow... but I'm never ready to go back. I am trying my best to catch up on all of your blogs... but it isn't going as quickly as I would hope... but hang in there with me... I'm still out here!

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