Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Rocks

I've told you guys about my dear blog friend Summer... ok... lets get real... some blog friends are more than that. Once you cross over to my daytime gmail chat daily entertainment... I'm much more invested. We spend most of our working hours - that is when we can fit it in with our work duties... chatting and helping each other through all sorts of struggles.

The amazing thing is that when I am down - she seems to be in an upswing...and vice versa... so we are a great match emotionally - at least so far. Summer has been a wonderful friend... and we've truly been able to share in the highs and lows of this fertility battle that we're both struggling through.

So last week, Summer send me a little something in the mail. I wasn't able to get it until Friday afternoon... but it was just so sweet that I had to share it with you.

She sent me this adorable plate...

Here is a close up so you can read what it says...

She also included this adorable card that says... Hair Changes. Friendship Stays.

Very few words, but so true... the whole package made me smile... and realize what a treasure I have found with Summer. She truly has become such an important part of my life... and I'm grateful that God put us on paths that crossed.
Like my friend Jenn says... I hope to meet her on this side of heaven. Since she lives in New York City... what a bonus for getting to see my favorite city to visit and a great friend at the same time!

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