Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Open Letter - Content Thief

To the writers of Fair Weight Loss:

Words are hard to come by at this point because I am so completely blown away by your complete disrespect of another blog author. There are so many things wrong with you pulling my blog feed in and acting as if you're writing it yourself... but lets start with these:

1) My blog contains my personal thoughts and feelings on my life - which has MANY facets beyond weight loss... in fact - that hasn't been a topic on my blog in quite some time.

2) You stealing my writing is complete plagiarism. I would be flattered that you wanted to use my writing - had you only asked!

3) Did you even bother to look at the content on my blog before pulling it into yours? I'm fairly sure anyone using something called Fair Weight Loss wouldn't be interested in my adoption journey... infertility or anything else about my life.

4) I don't worry so much about you stealing my information - because it is searchable on every web engine imaginable... but some of my friends who I have linked to in posts are not, and they don't want to be. So you've put me in an uncomfortable position with people that I care about.

5) Are you aware that you have to get a photo release to use someone's photo without their permission? You've used my personal photo on your blog - which has NOTHING to do with weight loss... and I want it removed NOW!

There are so many more things wrong with you taking someone's ideas and words and posting them as if they are your own... but regardless of that - don't be a coward and hide from this - I fully expect you to contact me via the email address left in your comment section... and explain yourself.

Not only that, but I also expect that my blog posts - and feed information will be removed from your blog TODAY.

If you want to have a legitimate website for people trying to lose weight - talk to me... I'll write some original material for you to use, and I know tons of women that have incredible weight loss stories that I'm sure would be happy to do the same - but you have to ASK!

One TICKED off blog author

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