Monday, November 2, 2009

Need Extra Money?

I'm coming to you once again to report something I found in Woman's Day... (I'm such a dork)

You already know that I'm saving my pennies for the adoption, but you know - life has to go on until we get that precious baby. So I'm looking at lots of different ways to help supplement our income in small ways - that hopefully won't have much of an effect on our taxes.

So of course I have the Etsy Store for KH Jewelry... which makes me have not only a creative outlet in that I make the jewlery by hand... but also the potential for a little extra cash too.

Today though, I read through an article talking about various ways that you can make some money through online work. I happened across two sites in the article that pay people to give feedback to attorneys before their cases go to trial. It's sort of like being an armchair juror... through online resources, mock trials, and sometimes at the attorney's office or a hotel conference center.  Basically - you'd get paid for listening and giving your opinion as if you were a juror.

The article says that they pay between $40-$150 per case... depending on it's complexity.

If you are interested - go check out Online Verdict or Trial Practice

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