Monday, November 16, 2009

Nursery Project - Painting

This whole weekend has been devoted to the nursery painting - almost entirely. We didn't even make it to church today, which I know we both regret - not seeing our church family today and hearing the message - but in the interest of time, and the project at hand... it was necessary. It's only the second Sunday this year we've missed... so I'm sure God will forgive us.

We had some help yesterday with the painting - which of course created lots of laughs...

Here we are doing the taping... which I think the whole process should be called taping... because it is certainly the part that takes the LONGEST!

Aunt Suz (Susan) painting the closet - she is really concerned that the baby should know that she painted their closet... too funny!

John and his Dad painting the ceiling... too funny. John's poor Dad wore nice clothes - and got paint on them - so we had to loan him some clothes and wash his.

The girls and I having a little fun putting mustaches on ourselves in honor of my friend Summer. She had a contest where people were to take pictures of themselves with mustaches in order to win a prize... I'm not sure - but I think the kids are a two of the cutest mustached people I've ever seen!

We had hamburgers with the family for dinner, and took the opportunity to make sure that everyone knows that we've put on our adoption application that we're open to getting a baby of a different race - just so that there weren't any surprises. To which my sister in law said "well, it would be a bigger surprise if you were pregnant and ended up with a baby of a different race." Too funny!

Here is a photo of the room at the beginning of the day yesterday... I really like the yellow a lot, and hope that the green warms up the room a bit.

Here I am starting to paint the green - I was really excited about it - and I think it did add some debth to the room... once we get the bedding and decorations out in the room - the red and the blue that are also in the baby bedding will break up the color some too.

John is my chief roller man... I'm the cutter... he's the roller. We make a great painting team. We got a kick out of the fact that when the paint is wet - it looks like guacamole dip... or green sauce from a Mexican restaurant.

This is how Missy helps with the painting... she just relaxes and keeps the couch warm. She's not very helpful at all... but she's cute... and she snores like a freight train.

Maggie on the other hand is always willing to do whatever you want - just so long as you pay attention to her. She's my shadow...

A photo of the finished product with the painting - the final tape removal and trim painting will happen over the week... but we are REALLY happy with how it is turning out.

One more shot - just because I love it so much... I can't wait to get a rocker in their and just be able to sit and pray for our baby and the birth mother until such a time that God allows all of our paths to cross and we become connected for life.

I hope that you all had a great weekend too - we are exhausted, but happy with the productivity. Back to work tomorrow, and I have a conference on Wednesday - so it'll be another crazy week with the loss of a whole day to the conference... but I think my arm muscles are looking forward to a break.

I'm going to be looking for it - but one of KH Jewelry's customers is giving me a shout out on YouTube tomorrow - how exciting is that?! She's a very popular lady in the Weight Loss Surgery world, and I'm excited to see what the shout out brings to the website.

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  1. can't wait to see it all looks great so far :)


  2. I loved seeing you all in action! The room is looking great already! So exciting.

    BTW, you won 4ht place in the contest!

  3. The nursery is coming along so quickly - and it looks like you all had a great time with the painting! Can't wait to see the finished product. The new inhabitant of this room will be very blessed indeed!!! :)

    PS - There's an award waiting for you on my blog. I know you're super busy, so no pressure if you don't have time! :)

  4. I think yellow is such a cheery color! We had shelves up all around the perimeter of our nursery and painting around them was no picnic!

  5. Wow, it looks beautiful.. love the colors!

  6. It looks great, Kim, and I am so excited for you guys! Sorry I have been such a bad blog's an insane time of year for me!

    Still praying for you!


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